Greatest Greek Rebetiko Singer: Stella Haskil


Born in Thesaloniki in 1918, to a Jewish couple, Chaym and Perla Gaegos. During the occupation of Greece by the Axis powers, the Gaegos family moved to Athens to escape arrest and deportation. There, Stella married Jacob Yehaskel and began her recording career after World War II under the pseudonym Haskil…

She sang with artists such as Markos Vamvakaris, Apostolos Hatzichristos and Stellakis Perpiniadis, though she is best known for her work with younger artists of that period such as Vasilis Tsitsanis and Apostolos Kaldaras.

One of her most famous recordings is her 1947 version of the song „Νύχτωσε χωρίς φεγγάρι“ (Night Fell Moonless), written by Kaldaras during the Greek civil war which lasted until the end of that decade. This song was such a success


Stella Haskil

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  1. Thanks für this wonderful song.
    Rembetiko came with the Greek refugees from Smyrna (Izmir) after the 1st World War.

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