Israelischer Film: Wo ist Bernie Spier?

Bernie and Ellis were lovers during WW2. However circumstance tore them apart when they had to go into hiding. On the night of their parting, they promised to each keep a diary depicting their time underground. That was the last time Ellis saw Bernie…

A Film by Yasmine Novak
(Israel, 2011, 53 Minutes, Color, Hebrew, English, Dutch, English subtitles)

After Bernie disappeared in mid war, heartbroken Ellis married another man. On the morning of her wedding day she received a package from an unknown woman. In it was Bernie’s diary. Overwhelmed by the turn of events, Ellis buried the diary deep in her suitcase and headed for a new life in Palestine. For 65 years the diary remained untouched — until now.

Ellis‘ daughter Shula, an eager Historian, convinces her mother to open the diary. As they read, they discover fascinating facts about Bernie’s trail of escape. They decide to set out on a detective journey to find out what happened to Bernie.