Libyen: Eine Inspiration für die arabische Welt

Auf die Anschuldigungen Ghadafis, die Aufständischen in Libyen stünden unter Drogen, seien Extremisten oder gar Al-Qaida Anhänger, bringt die Agentur real-news das Statement eines der Demonstranten in Benghasi, der Hauptstadt der Revolution, der im Namen vieler zu sprechen scheint…

„Es gibt hier keine Radikalen, auch unsere Moslems sind gemäßigt, und ich bin mir sicher, dass wir für viele arabische Staaten eine Inspiration sein können, dass wir auch für viele muslimische Staaten eine Anregung sein werden. Libyen wird die Welt inspirieren

„We don’t have radical people, our moslems are moderate. We will inspire a lot of arab nations and also muslim nations, Libya will inspire the world.“

Obwohl Libyen durch die Diktatur immer noch abgeschottet und zensiert wird, ist die Revolution über das Internet längst zur weltweiten Inspiration geworden. Ganz nebenbei wurde die nordafrikanische Musik wieder entdeckt (Soundfile). Es ist, als hätte der Welt etwas gefehlt und als hofften alle, die arabische Welt werde endlich aus ihrer feindseligen Ablehnungshaltung heraustreten um konstruktiv am globalen Dialog teilzunehmen.

„Libya will inspire the world“ wurde so auch gleich zum Remix von D.J Richie Savo:

Ebenso wie vorher: „Zenga Zenga“ des Israeli Noy Alouche, das schon zu einer Art Schlachtruf der Opposition in Libyen geworden sei, wie arabische Medien melden. Der Clip wurde von libyschen Websites übernommen. Libyer schrieben Alouche, dass sie das Lied auf dem Marktplatz in Tripolis spielen wollten, sowie Gaddafi verschwunden sei.

العقيد الفاسق

Doch schon früher gab es ein Ständchen zur 40 Jahr Feier des Diktators:

نداء لشباب ليبيا إبن ثابت

Libyen ist nicht Ägypten oder Tunesien

Übersetzt von Ibn Thabit

Just for the record, a lot will be lost in translation. not even libyans will clue into every rhyme):

they say Libya isn’t Egypt or Tunisia
thats right, more martyrs died before here than either Egypt or Tunisia
The unemployment rate is higher than either Egypt or Tunisia
The percentage of people living in poverty is higher than Egypt or Tunisia
So it’s true what they say, Libya is not like Egypt or Tunisia

They saying they are trying to cause fitna „disorder“
enough of this nonsense
if you don’t want to free your country go jump into other peoples‘ property*
damn, you wouldn’t say they are the grandchildren of the mujahideen
you wouldn’t say that moammer has been around longer than zine al abidine

the goal is the freedom of the minds and the hearts
this only needs to make it a few and they’ll pass it onto the rest
he who makes tesbeeh (remembers God) in the masjid and he who smokes up
its imperative that the oppressed now becomes like a mad dog
so that he shows his rage, barely living on change therefore troublemaking is certainly calculated,
certainly loved the one who is sacrificed, it was certainly written,
certainly freedom is wanted and justice is sought.

the number of peeps who are fed up is colossal
the reason is simple; the ignorant colonel
the entire nation wants complete change
we will fight to the end like the Tamil tigers

1, 2, 3 not afraid for his life
from 4 to 6 rid me of the tribulation
at 7 o clock he insults the government
from 8 to 9, play that record back
you hear my voice coming in with the breeze
everybody wants to know his name
you wanna know who? close your eyes
martyrs of abu saleem I will see you soon
alif ba noon tha alif ba ta 40 years is enough for us
no one could say from inside our country this is
the freedom of the jamahiriya of the oppressor
this the democracy of the people on the chairs

the words that you are blabbering and the verses that you are belying, with the tools of education you are ruining our students.
the money of the people you are running away with,
is this what you call rule of the people?
discussion forums with young women, you are ruining the image of the people
the libyan people are honorable, the libyan people clean, the libyan people when they become angry they become badass. they go crazy
they are a people with origins. they are a people who say peace and prayers upon the prophet.
one fifth of the libyan people memorize the entire qu’ran
they will not stand to be ruled by the shaytaan (the devil)
because the forefathers of the libyan people, with rifle and horse, fought against oppression and the worst of crimes

the libyan people now with all their heart and soul
must come out and fight all kinds of ugliness
the libyan people want to live, the libyan people have aspirations, oh people of libya after momar his kids

are circling upon the leadership, to repeat the same crap
the same dogs that cause kidney and liver pain
he who wants to see its end in his lifetime
must be willing to sacrifice his life
sacrifice his blood, to rid himself of this torment
like the martyr in abu saleem, what was his misdeed?
who died in vain, he who died how awful for his parents,
No they are martyrs my dear.

our youth, this is our country this is our time
let them see the rage underneath our stress
the temperature is at the exploding point
how long can we stand to wait for change?

waiting for these jackasses to do good for us
the thing they fear most is to see us standing in rows
they want to divide us so that this swinebag stays
let the easterner and westerner together slap him in the face
with one voice we can knock him down in one round
see now what will happen with the death of just one person
if only we remove this evil, the freedom to speak will show exactly what kind of conscious he had
he who has tormented millions, who has stolen billions
the value of his children’s cars is greater than the national budget. and his cronies‘ villas are palaces
if someone wants a humble dwelling he must wait in line

you don’t have to do anything to get arrested by security forces
because its not only the do-er that has to pay the price*
now the end of the era of oppression is nearer to you then your hands
all that is asked is that you do my brother is what is on you
fight those who are looking for excuses
I have the words for you if you’re looking for them
this is the chance you’ve been waiting for
to stand on your feet, and not your knees.