Art and Solidarity: ‚The Open Sea Path‘ from New Zealand


The actual ‚NZ Kosher Slaughter‘ problem may lead to concerns for Jewish slaughtering in all other countries in the world we hope that you and your friends would like to be honoured to show your solidarity towards the Jews of New Zealand in return for having your name written on our historical mural of Jews immigrating to New Zealand…

Gabriel Heimler, Wellington, New Zealand

In 1989 I, Gabriel painted the ‚The Wall Jumper‘ on the Berlin Wall that symbolises liberty and it has become one of the most visited historical monuments. Recently we completed, with assistance from Anna Proc and Dan Potts ‚The Open Sea Path‘ on the frontage of a Jewish building, located at the top of Cuba Street, which is one of the most frequented streets in Wellington. It is a mural that represents the Jews crossing the Red Sea. There are different kinds of legs and feet, some of them with a Tallit. All symbolise differences as a unity. There are New Zealand indigenous plants in both corners of the mural marking the Jewish immigration to New Zealand. The mural is the unification of a biblical story with the history of Jewish New Zealand immigration.

The title of the mural, ‚The Open Sea Path‘, matches with our action of our art project to financially support NZ Jews. Metaphorically speaking we want to create an ‚Open Sea Path‘ to allow Jewish people to legally continue ‚Kosher Slaughtering‘ for future generations of Jewish people both in New Zealand and around the world.

We chose this subject because Jewish integrity within NZ is in danger and we would like to honour donators to this project to have their names included as part of the mural. Artistically we find it great to unify all the donators to cross together the sea. It will be a ‚Memorial of Solidarity‘.

As the flowers of the NZ native flax are in orange and red so too the names of persons who will financially support NZ Jews will be also signed in red on the mural. Once we get your donation we will email you a photo with your name on the mural. To get a donator’s name painted on the mural a donation should be made to the Shechita cause and email me with your details

Gabriel Heimler completed his art studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris and in 1988 he exhibited at the Grand Palais. His art is a distinctive mix of German expressionism, cubist perspective, pop art, cartoon strips and is bright and detailed with a mixture of surreal and real. His works are shown and sold worldwide, through Sotheby’s in New York and galleries in Berlin, Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels and now from galleries in Wellington. Gabriel was asked to paint on the Berlin Wall at the moment of its opening. He painted ‚The Wall Jumper‘ that as a part of East Side Gallery became one of the most visited historical monuments. While living in Berlin, after the Rostock pogrom, about 20 years ago, Gabriel created the first artistic and political Jewish group, after the Shoa, as an answer against neo-fascist tendencies. Active as an artist and curator he launched a journal called ‚Golem‚ and participated every year in organising exhibitions for ‚Jewish Culture Days, Demand and Identity‘