Israeli and Jewish ART: Study Tour to Israel


The Centre of Middle East and Religious Studies of Galilee International Management Institute, Israel – has developed this eight day study tour, to be held twice a year…

Israeli art, being part of Israeli culture, combines the heritage of secular and religious lives. Immigrants arrived in Israel with diverse cultural backgrounds which contributed to the development of Israeli culture. Events in Jewish history have contributed to the development of Israeli art, but the international art movements have been the greatest influence.

The participants will go on study tours to museums and galleries in Israel, meeting with professionals; curators, museum’s educators, galleries‘ directors and founders, artists.

The study tour has been designed for academia, museum employees and community members interested in current trends and the history of Israeli and Jewish Art.


North of Israel and Galilee region (4 days)

  • The major part will be spent in the northern part of Israel, where the participants will be exposed to artists and galleries in the Galilee; many are an example of coexistence between the
    Jewish and Arab population (Kfar Veradim, Tamra and various memorial monuments). Whilst in the north, the participants will be taken sight-seeing to the Sea of Galilee and Nazareth.
  • There will be a visit to the Umm El-Fachem Gallery, which is on its way to becoming the first Arab art museum.
  • There will be a day dedicated to Haifa Museums and a tour of Haifa.
  • The tour’s culmination will be the Museum of Art, Ein Harod, considered to be one of the earliest and prime examples in the world, of modernist museum architecture based on natural lighting. The museum’s policy combines critical research of the past and of the present, confronting the challenges of a complex and constantly changing environment. The Judaica Wing provides a setting for dialogue on the complex subject of Jewish heritage; coping with the present challenges of Jewish identity that face Israeli society today.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa (2 days)

  • Tel Aviv Museum
  • Nahum Gutman Museum
  • Many current Art Galleries where the participants will meet with curators, galleries directors and artists.

Jerusalem (2 days)

  • The recently renovated Israel Museum
  • Museum on the Seam – a new and important museum displaying contemporary art, dealing with different aspects of the socio-political reality
  • The Jerusalem Artists House
  • Yad Va’shem Holocaust Museum – with an emphasis on the Art sector

While in Jerusalem there will also be some sightseeing to key historical and religious sites and some free time for people to explore the city or to cross the border to visit Bethlehem.

Mrs. Shoshi Norman, Israeli and Jewish ART, snorman(at)