Wo seid Ihr, Verräter?


Die israelisch-arabische Journalistin und Fernsehmoderatorin Lucie Aharish rechnet noch einmal in deutlichen Worten mit den arabischen Staatschefs ab…

Im Video ansehen (wechselt auf englisch nach kurzem Anlauf)

Last time I stood here and spoke about Syria,
millions around the world tuned in.
And I’m using the phrase tuned in, because i am not naive, i didn’t think that anything will actually change, that the world will do something, or that the war will end.
I just felt that I needed
to do something by using this microphone, by using the only weapon that i have.

The images that once again struck us yesterday are no “fake news” but rather old news, maybe this is why
I didn’t want to watch them,
I didn’t wanna see the bodies of children evacuated from the streets again,
I didn’t wanna hear men and women screaming for a god who forgot they exist,
I didn’t wanna hear the word HELP! again.
Two months ago i went to Greece, to a refugee camp, and met the people
we call “syrian refugees”.
I met the mothers
the fathers
the children.
I met Ahmad and Imad, Mustafa and Suad, Fatme and Mariam.
I met human beings who lost everything and saw their worst nightmares come true.
I was in a place where there is no god.
And in that place there is one question that repeats itself: where is the arab leadership? were are you traitors, have you forgotten your own people?

A week ago, the arab league held a summit, meeting, they sat there with their suits and ties, they spoke about peace, about negotiation, prosperity, about the fight against terror.
Throughout the summit they probably had a decent lunch, drank bourbon, or maybe scotch.
Some of them probably grabbed the phone and spoke with their children to make sure they are ok.

But dear leaders, do you know who is not ok? Omran Daknish, the boy from the ambulance is not ok, Alian Kurdi the baby whose body was found on the beach is not ok, more than 500,000 people, your own people that were killed by missiles, buried under the rubble, massacred with gas – they are not OK!

Their blood is screaming in arabic: WENKO YA ARAB??? WENKO YA ISLAM? WENKO YA HAWAN????

Im Video ansehen