Cinema haGalil: Tanzen in Jaffa


Tanzen in Jaffa / Jafó…


Pierre Dulaine – Dancing in Jaffa – 2012



In this Cannes Film Festival favorite, Director Keren Yedaya (Or) brings forth the dramatic story of Mali, who lives with her family in Jaffa, and works with her brother and father at the family owned car repair shop. Mali falls in love with Tauffik, a mechanic in the garage. Despite underlying racism and jealousy that surrounds them, their love affair grows. When Mali finds out she is pregnant, the couple decides to run away and get married abroad. On the morning of the flight, a tragic event reshapes this couples future.

Director: Keren Yedaya, 2009 / Israel, France, Germany / 100 min / Hebrew, Arabic w/English subtitles

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