Cinema haGalil: Israel Poliakovs Ehrensendung

Israel Poliakov gehörte zu den bekanntesten Komödianten Israels, oder haben Sie noch nie vom Trio 2haGaschasch haChiver“ gehört? Er starb vor fünf Jahren…

Ein Film von Ofer Naim, Israel, 2012, 55 Minutes, Farbe, Hebräisch m. English subtitles

Israel „Poli“ Poliakov of the legendary Israeli comedy trio „Ha’Gashash Ha’Hiver“ was one of Israel’s greatest actors and comedians. Five years after his passing his family, friends and colleagues have gathered to share the story of his career as an actor, comedian and family man.

The movie reveals the relationships he had with his wives and children, including his daughter,actress Yael Poliakov, who gave us a glimpse into their lives in the series „Hakol Dvash“.

His friends from „Ha’Gashash Ha’Hiver“ and from showbiz, tell little anecdotes about him and, using clips from the best of „Ha’Gashash Ha’Hiver“, they give a rare glimpse into the life of the man who portrayed so many famous and beloved characters, while he himself remained in their shadows.

The Void that Poli left in the hearts of his fellow „Ha’Gashash Ha’Hiver“ bandmates and the hearts of his mass following is evident in the 2012 Israeli blockbuster The World is Funny.

Obwohl Poli Hypochonder war (siehe Video), ist er doch gestorben, am 30. Oktober 2007. Geboren ist er am 7.7. 1941 in Jerusalem.

AWARDS & FESTIVALS: Haifa International Film Festival
Channel 10,Israel