Treasures from Jewish Storytellers

We proudly present…: International Jewish storytellers from all over the World with their favourite stories! And we are looking for more treasures!

Dear Storyteller,

Welcome to the anthology of Jewish stories in English on haGalil! haGalil is one of the most important German speaking websites on Jewish themes.

Andrea Livnat, the publisher of HaGalil, and I, Moira, storyteller from Munich, are thrilled to present Jewish storytellers from all over the world with their favourite stories on Jewish themes, whether they are from Jewish tradition, self-created or autobiographical.

We would feel very honored to add your portrait with a story to the project „Treasures from Jewish Storytellers“! 

You would like to know how that will look? Please see for yourself! We proudly present:

Judith Heineman
Noa Baum
Barry Stewart Mann
Rinah Sheleff
Cherie Karo Schwartz
Chana Mills
Ken Oguss
Judith Black

We are looking for more treasures! If you consider yourself a Jewish storyteller, would you like to contribute a story or two to this anthology?

Here is what we need from you:  your story (Text/audio/video) and a short bio with photo.

1) Form of story: script, video or audio will be very welcome! We would love to receive your favourite story, if possible in a written version, and gladly with a video or audio which will be linked to the webpage.

Do we need a text for the Story on Video? No. In case you don’t have a text I would write a summary of the story in German, to give an idea of what the story is about and to make it easier for all readers whose English is not so perfect. I shall do the translation.

A note concerning videos: If you have a video on your website or on Youtube, it would make it technically easier to integrate the links on the website of

2) Number of stories: not more than two for the time being, as stated above – it is our wish to introduce you as storytellers, and show the variety of storytellers.

3) Biography: just a few (about 5 – 7) sentences about yourself, whatever it is you want the readers to know. If you want to add a sentence or two about why this particular story is meaningful to you, feel free to do so! And please add a photo of you to be published. If it saves you time to let me take this information from your website or of the website of your storytellers association, I would gladly do so. My email:

We are grateful to all storytellers who have already sent their stories and biographies so far and to those who still will! And thank you for any ideas about who else might be interested in contributing to this collection – please feel free to forward this email to anyone who comes to your mind and sees him/herself as a Jewish storyteller!

The majority of the readers and viewers understands English well enough, but not all, so the introductory texts are in German:

The essay on Jewish storytelling in general and my own little collection of stories is  only in German language:

We appreciate your interest in this project for HaGalil website! For further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Kind regards from Munich,