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MP Martin Hohmann at the National Holiday:
"Justice for Germany"

By Andrea Livnat

Slightly more than a year ago the German Public Broadcasting Company ARD televised in their magazine programme "Panorama" a feature about radical right-wingers in one of the major German parties, the conservative CDU. The show presented numerous CDU-members who hold speeches in right-wing organizations, publish in right-wing publishing companies, shortly speaking, CDU members who rub shoulders with people who are branded "radical right-wingers" and are under surveillance by the German domestic intelligence service "Verfassungsschutz" that watches activities that endanger the constitution. CDU secretary general Laurenz Mayer at that time knew nothing about it, but asked for information to be able to act if need be. The mentioned persons, however, are still CDU-members.

One of the people named in the show was Martin Hohmann, 55 year-old major of the reserves, MP for the constituency Fulda since 1998. Before he had been mayor in the city of Neuhof near Fulda for 14 years. After finishing his law studies at the university he started to work as a jurist at the BKA, the German central criminal agency, at the end in a leading position in the terrorism department in Wiesbaden. Hohmann sees himself in line with good conservative tradition. For him to be conservative means "to look towards the future" as he stated in an interview with the journal of the "Deutschland"-foundation. Basically all people are conservative, he thinks, however, such statements don't find a place in the published opinion: "The spirit of the times and the rather liberal media take care of the fact that anyone who has an opinion that isn't in line with the mainstream doesn't even dare to utter it any more."

Mister Hohmann never hesitates a second to say what he has on his mind and to show where he stands. That was the case for example in november last year when he called the decision of the British House of Lords to give homosexual couples adoption rights a " denaturation of the idea of a family", this development should be met with "active courage". Moreover he held toleration of homosexuality responsible for the "biggest problem of German society, the drop in population". As regards Paul Spiegel's speech of november 9, 2000, he advised the chairman of the Jewish central committee in Germany to ask himself if he "doesn't cause lasting damage to the relationship between Jews and Non-Jews in Germany". Spiegel had asked in his speech "Is it German culture to chase strangers to torch synagogues and to kill the homeless? ", for Hohman a "terrible gaffe" and a false insinuation, just as false as "to imply that Spiegel was responsible that in the last act of revenge of the Israeli army two innocent women were killed."

In line with best antisemitic tradition

Just recently, october 3, at the German national holiday, Hohmann seized the opportunity to lash out in a diatribe at the CDU Neuhof. A speech full of vintage antisemitism that until recently was linked with the website of the CDU Neuhof. The former mayor apparently may say whatever he wants, either they don't dare to criticize him in Neuhof or they fully agree with his train of thoughts.

In the meantime, the speech was deleted from the CDU page, but is documented for example here.

So what is the speech all about? The German crisis is featured, for Hohmann stemming from the fact that "Germans don't get preferential treatment in Germany". He is proud to have asked three questions to German parliament:
1. Is the government in the face of the economic development and the drop in public income ready to decrease its payments to the European Union ?
2. Is the government ready to help German forced labourers, too, after
10 billion marks were shelled out to foreign and Jewish forced labourers ?
3. Is the government in the face of the economic development and the drop in public income ready to adapt the compensation payments according to the law "Bundesentschädigungsgesetz" ( mainly towards Jewish Nazi victims) to the reduced solvency of the country of Germany?
The answers surely would have made it clear to Hohmann that things are just like he had suspected all along: "The main thing is that the German payments arrive on the foreign accounts on time and undiminished. The Germans will just have to draw in their belts a little more."

The reason for all that of course lies in the German history. Noone could in all seriousness try to make forget the German past, "we all know ", says Hohmann "the devastating and unique crimes that were committed in the name of Hitler." But- and there is of course a "but" , the longer the Nazi-era lies behind us, the more it transcends the German present. With that Hohmann doesn't mean the neonazi gangs that roam democratic Germany. These people don't generate danger of any kind , after all the German electorate "gives these morons a more resounding rebuttal in the elections than the voters in comparable neighboring countries." No, Hohmann is worried about the "destruction of national confidence" stemming from the ever-present reproach that Germans are a "people of perpetrators".

Martin Hohmann is a man in favor of clarity and truth, "things mustn't be concealed or glossed over." The question is, however, if an excessive amount of truths about the criminal and doomed 12 years of the NS-tyranny isn't a) instrumentalised and b) contrary to pedagogical expectancy can result in an inner defense mechanism. The never changing truth is practically bound to cause mental damage.

To sum it all up: The Germans are damaged by the fact that they are confronted over and over again with their guilt, therefore they sent their money abroad instead of investing it in their own ailing economy. So far so good, one might think, the representative doesn't stand alone with his views, writer Martin Walser stated something of the kind five years ago. Yet even if you had tried to see Mr.Hohmann in a positive light thus far, you were about to cringe when the CDU-member asks the provocative question
"Is there also with the Jewish people, that we only see in the role of victims, a dark side in recent history or were the Jews without exception victims and the ones to suffer?"

The Jews and Bolshevism

Hohmann digs up a number of skeletons that Jews have in the closet. We are once again confronted with Ernst Nolte's way of thinking, the nazi crimes and bolshevik crimes are set off against each other and the uniqueness of the nazi genocide is veiled. Henry Ford's "The international Jew" of all things must stand witness for Hohmann's argumentation. The Jews, that's the central idea of Ford's collected essays, have gathered in conspiratory circles in the intention of obtaining world power through economic might, especially control over currencies. Ford's essays are based on the infamous "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" that he quotes in parts in his weekly newspaper "the Dearborn Independent". In 1927 Ford was forced to apologize publicly, the only way for him to avoid a lengthy legal battle detrimental to his image. Ford never changed his ways, though, and turned into a great admirer of Hitler. 1938 he received the decoration "Adlerschild des Deutschen Reichens" (eagle shield of the Third Reich). Hohmann also brings up Jewish witnesses to back up his argumentation. The "Jew Felix Teilhaber" allegedly has said in 1919: "Socialism is a Jewish idea...Our elders have preached socialism for thousands of years." And the founders of communism and socialsm, starting with Karl Marx, were Jews.

What follows in his speech is a detailed summary of how many Jews were members of revolutionary bodies.
Four Jews out of seven in the Politburo of 1917. 28,6% members of the Russian revolutionary central committee of 1917. Ferdinand Lassalle, Eduard Bernstein, Rosa Luxemburg and so on, six of four leaders of the communist party in Germany in 1924 were Jews, out of 48 people commissioners in Hungary 30 were Jewish, the Sovietrepublic of Munich and so on and so forth. And not to be forgotten, the murder of Czar Nikolaus II. and his family was committed by the Jew Jacob Sverdlov "with his own hands".

From which sources has MP Hohmann obtained his detailed knowledge, one might ask oneself, when he is able to tell that "Churchill held a report in 1930 that a statistical investigation of a college professor until 1924 the following number of people had fallen victim to the Soviets: 28 orthodox bishops, 1219 orthodox clerics, 6000 profesors and teachers, 9000 doctors, 12950 landowners, 54000 officers, 70000 policemen, 193000 workers, 260000 soldiers, 355000 intellectuals and businessmen, 815000 farmers." Hohmann refers to the book "Jewish bolshevism, myth and reality" by Johannes Regalla von Bieberstein to which Ernst Nolte contributes an enthusiastic foreword.

Even though the author emphasizes specifically in the foreword that he distances himself from antisemitic prejudice, the reader has to wonder how thoroughly von Bieberstein detects Jews. You don't get to know what Trotzki has done and what he hasn't done, but that he was as a matter of fact Jewish. Jews in a racial sense are the main characters of von Bieberstein's book. His aim is to highlight Jewish "guilt" in the communist context und in the end to contribute to the theory of Nolte that Nationalsocialism was a sort of self-defense against the bolshevik threat that was lead by Jews. Mr. Rogalla von Bieberstein let the editors of haGalil know, in a different context, that he is an internationally acclaimed scientist, "also and especially by Jewish scientists". For him it's a fact that the minority of Jewish communist extremists that came to light after 1917 damaged Jewry as a whole infintitley. In the spirit of Hohmann Mr. von Bieberstein lets us know that the insight that one can receive from his book is "kept from us by the media that teach us their collectivist-moralising view of history".

Hohmann comes in his speech to the conclusion, one could in view of the millions of dead of this phase of the revolution ask if the Jews were "culprits". Jews were active in great numbers both in the leadership and in the firing squads of the Tscheka. One could therefore argue with some justification that the Jews are " a people of perpetrators". That may sound terrifying. It would follow the same logic that labels the Germans as a "people of perpetrators". Just like Rogalla von Bieberstein Hohmann picks out religion as a central theme. The Jews that "have subscribed themselves to bolshevism and revolution had severed their ties to religion before." Something similar is discovered with the Nazis. To cut a long story short the godlessness is the one element that both Nationalsocialism and bolshevism have in common. Hohmann takes an interesting turn when he concludes neither "the Germans" nor "the Jews" are a people of perpetrators. The atheists with their godless ideologies are the ones to blame. You can almost get the impression that Hohmann has become entangled in his own argumentation. The solution is of course easy, Hohmann advises to "fall back on our religious roots and committments. Only they can save us from the catastrophes that the godless have brought upon us." However, he only talks about the christian religion, the religion of life, whose reference to God in his opinion should be included in the European constitution.

Martin Hohmann says nothing illegal in his speech, he doesn't agitate with unconstitutional slogans. His reasoning is much more cunning and deceitful. Even though he does claim that Jews can't be labelled "people of perpetrators" as a whole , he gives a bunch of "proofs" of exactly that. By means of a juxtaposition of nationalsocialism and bolshevism, Germans and Jews, the holocaust gets trivialzed, the guilt of Nazi-Germany diminished and antisemitic argumentation of the worst kind gets warmed up and newly served. Jews pull the strings wherever the speaker likes it of bolshevism, communism, socialism, capitalism. Mr.Hohmann is looking for Jews in bolshevism, he will certainly find them, no doubt. And all that backed by a historian respected "especially" by Jewish scientists, well, that can't be wrong. Again and again it's nice to see that it is supposed to be enough to list a couple of Jews to be able to acquaint oneself of any reproach of using right-wing or antisemitic reasoning.

With a representative like Martin Hohmann the CDU really doesn't have to worry about the election success of extremist parties like the openly right-wing NPD. The CDU can cover the whole right side of the electorate with people like Hohmann. Who needs the NPD ?

Text auf Deutsch 03-11-2003

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