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German Version:
Kunstaustellung in Hamburg

Israeli-German Art Exibition:
"NUDNIK 2000"

From January 13th until February 6th 2000, 13 artists from Israel and Germany will show their latest works in a group-exhibition at KX. Kampnagel gallery in Hamburg.

Zur Ausstellung

The title of the show "NUDNIK" (hebr. for nuisance) might well be an omen for the time of preparation, as from January 3rd on the artists are invited to live together in the gallery and jointly work out a conception for the show. What the result will be when the exhibition opens on January 13th, no one can tell.

Initiator Christine Saalfeld, who has organised and set up the frame for the groups work, was a guest-student at Jerusalem's Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 1997. During her stay in Israel the idea for "NUDNIK 2000" was born. In her own artwork she examines the relations between architecture, objects and bodies. In combining texts, drawings and objects she creates installations which focus on basic human needs and thoughts. Her latest installations will be shown at the exhibition.

>From Israel we expect 8 artists to come to Hamburg: Yael Amid (born 1972 in Jerusalem) also studied at the Bezalel Academy and at the Rietfeld Academy for Art in Amsterdam. Last year her work was awarded by the America-Israel Cultural Foundation. Tali Hinkis (born 1974 in Jerusalem) lives in Paris since 1995. She studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts. In spring she will continue her studies with a scholarship in New York. Adi Ben-Chorin (born 1970) creates installations out of 16 mm film- and videomaterial. Amir Leibman (born 1970 in Tel Aviv) studies at the Bezalel Academy. As a member of the "Time Group" (with Adi, Barak and others) he creates "videospace sculptures". Barak Reiser (born 1973 in Haifa) received a grant by the German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD). He will be guest-student at the Städel Artschool in Frankfurt. Adi Mendler (born 1970) too will continue her studies in Germany. From April 2000 on she will be in the class of Magdalena Jettelova at the Duesseldorf Art Academy. Gil Nader (born 1968) and Moti Porat (born 1971) live in Rotterdam since 1998. In October this year they started their "HOMEGALLERY" where they live, work and exhibit.

Zur Ausstellung

Among these young artists Elisabeth Ediger (born 1930 in Koenigsberg) is an exception. At the age of 50 she gave up her leading position as a manager in a Hamburg sited company for chemical products and started to study at the Academy of Arts (HfbK) in Hamburg. Elisabeth Ediger is an artist and a writer. Stefanie Sost (born 1965 in Hamburg) will show a series of cards made of parchment paper and leather which tell the biography of her father. She's a bookbinder and later she studied illustration at the University of Applied Arts (FH für Gestaltung) in Hamburg. Thomas Raschke (born 1961 in Schwaebisch Gmuend) diminishes and enlarges things in order to take the weight from them. Working with cardboard and foam he turns symbols of power and brutality into non-functional models. Frank Lindow (born 1970) studies at the Hochschule für bildende Kuenste in Hamburg. He creates objects which at the same time are or could be pieces of furniture or vice versa.

All artists will be present when the exhibition opens on January 13th 2000 (at 8.00 p.m.). For further information:

German Version:
Kunstaustellung in Hamburg

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