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Olive Spread plus Omega-3

Something about Oils

If our body systems are to function normally, we must make sure that 30% of the daily calories that we expend, come from a fatty source. An optimal composition of fatty acids will reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, rheumatism and obesity. A high consumption of Omega-6 fatty acids, as is common in the Western world diet (sunflower oil, corn oil, Soya oil) at a level of 22% of the daily calories consumption, is liable to impair liver functions and to adversely affect the immune system functioning.

Unfortunately, the food consumed in the Western world today is industrialized, containing a fatty acid composition with the potential to cause extensive damage to the body systems.

The advantages of the Eger’s Spread

Now, for the first time, consumers can enjoy a spread with an optimal fatty acid composition, without additives in the form of preservatives or synthetic colorings, flavorings and aromas.

The spread ingredients have not undergone any chemical modification, thus retained their original properties. It is not a secret anymore, that oils solidified by hydrogenation, a widely applied method by the industry, contain trans-fatty acids, sort of modified fatty acids, which lost their original beneficial properties and, in their new form, are likely to cause heart disease.

The American FDA has determined that food containing over 1% of transfatty acids cannot be considered to be functional food. According to investigations on different types of spreads, their content in trans isomer fatty acids reaches 9% to 23%.

Our solidification process does not include hydrogenation, in order to avoid having these trans-fatty acids in our final product.

"Eger’s Spread" is made of 73% extra virgin olive oil, 20% tasteless and odorless fish oil and 7% monoglyceride of vegetable origin. This means that the spread contains about 70% monounsaturated fatty acids, about 20% saturated fatty acids of vegetable origin and fish oil, and about 9% polyunsaturated fatty acids, including 4% long-chain omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA + DHA).

Why Omega-3?

The American FDA recently determined that a daily consumption of up to 3 grams of omega-3 essential fatty acids is likely to reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis and consequent cardiovascular impairment. There is also extensive evidence that omega-3 fatty acids significantly contribute to the thinning of the blood, and are absolutely essential for the development of the visual system and mental capacity of infants. They were also proved to the deterioration of mental capacity as well as improve the cognitive ability of adults.

Therefore, a natural functional spread can be offered to the public, and on an exclusive basis, since it is patent-protected. The composition of fatty acids in this "essential" spread, deriving from extra virgin olive oil and fish oil, is a proved health enhancing element.

  • Lotion Body Lotion 200 ml a € 19,60
  • Massage Oil 100 ml a € 16,00
  • Cream for very dry skin 50 ml a € 20,80
  • Cream for regular skin 50 ml a € 19,90
  • Olive Oil for Scalp Massage 100 ml a € 16,50
  • Dehydrated Skin Oil 100 ml a € 16,50
  • Olive Oil 750 ml a € 15,50
  • Olive Oil Spread 160 g a € 4,65
    (Natur, Basilikum, Oregano, Knoblauch)
  • Olive Oil + Omega 3 Spread 160 g a € 4,95

Die angegebenen Preise können sich noch ändern.
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