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Seminar Center:
Zel haTamar


Tzell Hatamar Dessert Sojours is Kibbutz Lotans Seminar center\tourisim Branch . Since 1995 Kibbutz Lotan offers a number of special and unique programs, the variety reflecting a combination of the wide range of talents of Lotan's members along with the beautiful and spiritual location in the Arava valley of Southern Israel. Kibbutz Lotan also offers bed and breakfast facilities.

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Educational Programs
for Jewish Youth Groups and Congregational Visits



In addition to a variety of personnel experienced in university level education, youth direction, and adult education, our permanent faculty includes a rabbi and a published writer on the subject of Zionist Education. We are well equipped to suit the needs of different programs in Jewish Studies.

For more about Judaism on Kibbutz Lotan: click here.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programs

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel can be the beginning of a young person's relationship to the cradle of our faith and tradition.

Kibbutz Lotan offers special programs for Bar Mitzvah age students including Kibbutz and Judaism, Learning About Jewish Symbols and Their Meaning in Modern Life, Gender Equality in the Observance of Judaism, Concern for the Environment as a Jewish Value, and the Desert as an Inspiration for Jewish Experience.
Summer Tours

The summers of one's youth become the memories of a lifetime. Kibbutz Lotan’s three day Israeli Kibbutz Seminar and Youth Encounter can make a summer special. Programs include: Ideas Behind the Reform Kibbutz, Working On the Kibbutz, The Desert and Spirituality, Meeting with Kibbutz Members, and Israeli/Diaspora Youth Encounter.

Passing the Torch:
Leadership Seminar

A leadership seminar, while preparing the participant for the task of leading an educational group, can also be a growing experience in and of itself.

The seminar delivers training in communication and cooperation skills as well as specific subject matter in chosen areas. Our special program can include roundtable discussions and dialogues on the subject of using the Arava and it's settlements in educational programming for Jewish youth and young adults.

The area of emphasis is on Jewish Zionist education, both through intellectual and experiential activities.

Ecology and the Desert

Kibbutz Lotan’s unique location in the Arava Valley and our qualified educational staff (including a professional birding guide, a licensed desert guide, and a certified Permaculture teacher, as well as activity leaders trained in alternative farming and building methods) make our ecological programs especially informative and rewarding.

For more details of Lotan's ecological projects: click here

Applied Ecology

Kibbutz Lotan’s Applied Ecology Seminar combines an educated environmental awareness and commitment with a sincere love of gardenery. Learn about experimental techniques to cope with our society's increasing stress on the environment while creatively approaching the needs of food production, energy generation and shelter.

Get hands-on experience working on the kibbutz's various projects in alternative building and Permaculture (sustainable agriculture).

For more details of Lotan's ecological projects: click here.

Youth Seminar and Desert Experience

What inspires people to live in this place anyway? Find out in this thought provoking experiential seminar in the Negev Desert.

Discuss with residents and experience both physically and emotionaly the challenges and rewards of living in a desert climate. Includes background discussions on the ideas and principles motivating the settlement of the Arava Valley.
Nature and Human Impact In the Desert

A serious examination of the natural history of the region including botany, zoology, and geology, with a special emphasis on the effects of human settlement on the environment in the Eilat-Eilot Region.

White Storks over the Arava Desert...

are just one of the highlights that can be experienced during the huge Spring and Autumn bird migrations.

Bird Tours - Rendezvous of the Species
Kibbutz Lotan is located on a main African-European Bird Migration Route. Our facilities and trained staff offer an excellent opportunity to witness and understand a migration of global significance. The philosophy of our ecologically sensitive Bird Reserve is to provide an aesthetic environment from which to witness the awesome passage of the winged migrants while doing as little damage as possible to their fragile resting grounds in the middle of the desert.
Many Paths to Oneness - Yoga and Meditation Seminars at Lotan

At Kibbutz Lotan the exploration of the soul takes on many forms. We offer programs with professional guidance in Yoga and Vipassana Meditation. The simplicity, silence and natural beauty of the desert make Lotan an excellent location to improve one's relationship with the world around while gaining an understanding of the world within.

Jewish Meditation

The Jewish tradition is rich with meditation techniques. Silent meditations, chanting, movement, even writing meditations all trace their roots in the Kabbala, the mystical teachings of our ancient heritage. At Lotan we can take advantage of our location to tap into the secrets of porshei hamidbar, the desert ascetics, as we delve into ourselves to lift the sparks of holiness within.


Vipassana is meditation to develop understanding and awareness. It uses simple techniques designed to improve attention to our inner workings in order to obtain balance, harmony, consciousness, and insight. Concentration on experiencing the present, the process of breathing, being open to thoughts and feelings, all make it possible to observe in a “clean” way, free of judgment, “opening the heart,” and developing an “inner vision” into life's processes.


Yoga means “unity” in the ancient language of Sanskrit. It is a technique and a way of thinking that is directed towards purifying the body and the consciousness in preparation for a tranquil and alert vision of reality as it is. The tranquillity is achieved by stilling the waves of thought and realizing the connection between the inner self and the environment.

Please feel free to write with any questions. Our address is found on the Kibbutz Home Page.
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