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Tsell HaTamar
Desert Sojourns

Situated in the heart of the Arava valley, in the shadow of the Edom mountains, Kibbutz Lotan is an ideal base for exploring the surrounding Eilot- Eilat region: Just 40 minutes from Eilat, the Red Canyon, and the Eilot border crossing to Jordan- gateway to Akaba and Petra.


Just 20 minutes from the Hai Bar nature reserve of Biblical wildlife and the Timna Park with the world famous "Solomon's Pillars."

We offer air conditioned hostel style rooms for up to six people.
Meals are served in the kibbutz's kosher dining hall.

Our swimming pool is open for your use, in season. In addition we offer seminars, lectures, and tours for those interested - click here for more details.

Our pool is open from March until November!

We are a progressive (reform), ecologically oriented Jewish community with members from Israel, the USA, England, Ireland, Argentina, and Russia - click here for our Home Page.

Tsell HaTamar - Desert Sojourns

We offer lectures on the Kibbutz and dialogue with members regarding kibbutz life. Seminar options include: Progressive Judaism, Kibbutz values, Interfaith Dialogue, Human Settlement and the Desert Ecosystem.

Kibbutz tours

Our tours include fields, dairy barn, living areas, ecological projects, bird sanctuary, and the Jordan border area.


We are located on a major migration route of hundreds of millions of birds between Africa and Europe.
During the spring and autumn, we offer special programs led by a professional guide for viewing migrant and resident species.

Harvesting Dates
Our front lawn How do You get here?
  • Flights to Eilat or Ovda airports.
  • By bus from most major cities.
  • By car: 5 hours from Tel Aviv via Beer Sheva, 4 hours from Jerusalem via Dead Sea.

To correspond with us through e-mail: click here

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