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meimad.gif (1382 Byte)Die Thora wird heute gerade von jenen Kapazitäten, die sie nach aussen führend vertreten, in einer Weise lächerlich gemacht, welche die Mehrheit der Juden dazu bringt, der Thora fernzubleiben bzw. sich von ihr abzuwenden.

Rabbi M. Melchior

Orthodoxes Judentum
für Frieden - Demokratie - Zionismus
Orthodox Judaism - for Peace - Democracy - Zionism

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Das Licht Israels:
Eine Kraft, mit der zu rechnen ist


We cannot remain blind to the disastrous consequences to Israel as a Jewish state if Israelis were to begin to believe that the halacha opposes democratic rule. It is frightening to think of what would happen to relations between religious and non-religious Israelis, and especially to our own children who would grow up thinking that they must make an "either-or" choice between Torah and Israel.


We supported Mr. Peres for Prime Minister because of our long-standing support of the Oslo Accords and the peace process, as well as evidence of our view that commitment to Torah does not imply support for one particular political stance. The monolithic support of the religious parties for Binyamin Netanyahu, and the nature of the campaign material implied it was a religious imperative for every observant Jew to vote for the right wing. This made Meimad's position all the more important as a message to religious Zionists.


amitalThe religious Zionist community has a proud history of integrity and commitment as a full partner in building the State of Israel, but today--more than ever--the majority of the religious Zionist community is entrenched in the extreme right, so far from the center of Zionism that it seems marginal, at best, to the majority of Israelis.

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