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Salam!Salamu Alekhum - haShalom jawo!
Arabic Countries and
Culture in the Semitic Region

 RealAudio Streaming: The Voice of Peace


''Ein guter Nachbar kann Dir näher sein
als ein ferner Verwandter''

PitahAl-Mashriq - die Levante - der kulturelle Reichtum der Länder am östlichen Mittelmeer: Ägypten, Israel, Jordanien, Lebanon, Palästina, Syrien, Türkei...
Einfach auch ein Land im Nahen Osten: Al-Mashriq - Stichwort Israel: Über Israel v. arab. Seite aus...

Wir haben alle das Recht zu träumen, auch von einem neuen Nahen Osten. Träume hat nicht nur Shimon Peres - schon viel früher träumte Theodor Herzl (s''l). Sein Buch 'Der Judenstaat' begann mit den Worten: ''Wenn ihr nur wollt, so ist es kein Traum...''.

Meyers ConsultingA.L. Meyers

  • From the front page of the 'Arab Organization for Human Rights':
    "Calls for respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms of all citizens and residents of the Arab world; defend any individual whose human rights are subjected to violations which are contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; endeavour, regardless of political considerations, to obtain release of detained or imprisoned persons, and seek relief and assistance for persons whose freedom is restricted in any way or who are subject to coercion of any kind because of their beliefs and political convictions, or for reasons of race, sex, colour or language; protest in cases where a fair trial is not guaranteed; provide legal assistance where necessary and possible; call for improvements in conditions of prisoners of conscience; work for amnesty of persons sentenced for political reasons." They have their work cut out for them, and deserve support.

Levantinische Landkarten

Ägypten / Mizrajim

Jesh Gwul / ìåáâ ùé
(Mit Mizrajm gibt's schon
eine Grenze...)

  • Y'allah
    Bureau Cairo und Middle East, Naher Osten / Middle East: Reportagen...
Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat
25.12.1918 - 06.10.1981

In 1977 he made the dramatic gesture of flying to Jerusalem to initiate negotiations. (Hear President Sadat's speech at the Knesset, 20.11.1977, ra, 69kb). His efforts culminated (26.03.1979) in a historic Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.
However, the rapprochement with Israel and Sadat's pro-western policies isolated Egypt in the Arab world, and generated some opposition at home. After a period of some liberalization Sadat cracked down on his opponents, arresting about 1,600 religious (primarily Islamic fundamentalist) and secular dissidents in September 1981. A month later, he was assassinated during a military parade by several gunmen associated with a militant Muslim fundamentalist group.

Die Rede Sadats vor der Kneset in Jerusalem,
liegt vor als ra-file ca. 69kB (mind. 14.4er Modem)



  • LebNet News from Lebanon
  • - MagaZine about Justice in the Middle East
  • The Beirut Times is aimed at the Arab-American (or American-Arab) community. Like so many expatriate/diaspora organizations, they sometimes try to be more Catholic than the pope when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict -- and as is the case with Lebanon, in particular, the troublesome question of the 35,000 Syrian troops in Lebanon is an issue that they seem to have to be careful about in their reporting. But in the belief that more than anything else the peace process depends on a free flow of information, we recommend a visit to the site.
  • Walid Jumblat (zur Person)
  • Bejruth in historischen Postkarten: Vorgestellt zum Fairuz Konzert 1994.



  • Präsident Hafis al-Asad (zur Person):

    I was born in Latakia to Ali Sulayman and Naisa, in October 1930. Just before my birth, my father made the transition from a simple peasant to minor notable. The family name was changed from Wahhish to Asad. My mother, Naisa was a strong-minded woman...
    ... My primary goals for foreign policy are guaranteeing national security, increasing influence among its Arab neighbors, and arriving at an Arab-Israeli peace settlement which includes the return of the Golan Heights. As far as the Arab-Israeli Conflict is concerned, Syria has two goals: to give support to the Palestinian cause and to recover the Golan Heights from Israel.

  • CIA World Factbook: Syria
  • Syria's Home Page
  • Syria Online ! Another sign that the Berlin Wall really did collapse, and that the Middle East is moving toward the Mediterranean. Note however, that many of the Arab sites on the Net, are run by students or other people living outside Syria. As far as we've been able to find out, nearly no computer inside Syria is yet connected to the Web. Israelis are greeted hesitantly, and do not do their cause a service by flaming Arabs for the past. Focus on the future!

Gam baEsor

  • SalamIran - sieht so unsere Zukunft aus? (Engl./Farsi)
  • SalamIran (English)
  • The Iranian
  • Democracy Network of Iran is a new site devoted to organizing Iranian expatriates into a pro-democracy movement. The site is informative, indeed inspirational. If you are Iranian, you can sign a chain letter they are circulating on the Internet, trying to gain support. And for more information about them, you can write to DNI
  • NomadNet popped up on the net in June 1995, with reports from Somalia, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. The Horn of Africa remains one of the crucial spots in the geopolitics of the planet. Control the Horn and you've got the Persian Gulf and the Suez Canal under your thumb. An issue of Wired complained a while back that there's not enough Africa on the Web. Here's a good place to start finding Africa. Ariga supports AT&T's plan to ring Africa with fiber-optic cable.
  • Türkei, Seite des Aussenministeriums
  • Kulam bejahad, eine Zusammenstellung türkischer Webs Sites
  • ...weitere türkische WebSites
  • Atatürk, Mustafa Kemal: Founder & First President, Republic of Turkey (1881-1938)
  • "500. YIL VAKFI": Anyos Munchos i Buenos...
    500 Jahre Sfarad in der Tuerkei, die Geschichte des tuerkischen Judentums

''Anyos Munchos y buenos...''

RealAudio 14.4 Sfarad (24k)
Galluth Israel: S'farad


Zlilej haMisrah:
Orientalische Klaenge und noch mehr Kultur

Um Kul Thum, ra 16kB
haMuazin, ra 20kB
Habibi, wav 178kB
Damari, ra 17kB
Kol haShalom, ra 24kB
Puertas de la Esperanza, ra 87kB (Quality14)
Puertas de la Esperanza, ra 173kB (Quality28)

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Die Levante in alten Bildern

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