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meimad.gif (1382 Byte)In the 1996 Elections, Meimad neither joined nor endorsed any party's list for the Knesset. However, we supported Mr. Peres for Prime Minister because of our long-standing support of the Oslo Accords and the peace process, as well as evidence of our view that commitment to Torah does not imply support for one particular political stance. The monolithic support of the religious parties for Binyamin Netanyahu, and the nature of the campaign material that implied it was a religious imperative for every observant Jew to vote for the right wing, made Meimad's position all the more important as a message to religious Zionists.


Meimad, fully aware of the risks involved, and in spite of the painfully high price to pay, supports and continues to support the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. We support the peace process because we feel that in the long run there is no other way to avoid war and bloodshed, and no better way to assure the viability of the State of Israel as a Jewish state. At the same time, Meimad is equally aware of the character of Israel's partner in the peace process, and we insist that the Government be uncompromising in demanding full and absolute Palestinian adherence to every detail of the agreement, for nothing less will assure its successful implementation. In this vein, Meimad applauds and supports Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent decision to sign the Hebron agreement and thus to continue the Oslo process.

Three Fundamental Principles

Meimad views with utmost importance the formation of principles regarding the permanent accord which shall ensure the security of Israel, enable the Jewish people to realize the majority of its aspirations and national rights, bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and ensure co-existence and a lasting peace. Meimad's basic principles regarding the peace process are:

  1. Eretz Israel is the land promised to the Jewish People by God. The absolute right of the Jewish People to the entire Land is beyond question. The consciousness and recognition of the affinity between the people and its homeland is a cornerstone of the Torah, of the Zionist movement, and the development of the State.
  2. Peace is one of the fundamental values of Torah. The aspiration for peace and the prevention of war and bloodshed, both in the short and long range, must guide the policy of every government in Israel.
  3. Our political and moral position is determined by the conviction that the good of the people of Israel and of the State of Israel takes precedence over our control over the entire area of the land of Israel.

The Permanent Accord

The following principles form the basis for Meimad's positions on a permanent accord for Judea, Samaria, and Gaza: Greater Jerusalem shall remain united, under Israeli sovereignty, as the capital of the State of Israel. Large blocs of Jewish settlement in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza shall remain under Israeli sovereignty, with a continuous territorial link to the State of Israel. Recognition shall be given to a demilitarized Palestinian entity in part of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza which shall govern the vast majority of the Arab population there, subject to permanent and concrete security arrangements, together with substantial changes to the pre-1967 borders. In addition to the above-mentioned blocs of settlements, the permanent borders of the State of Israel shall include areas close to the green line essential to the security and of the State. In the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, there shall be no military presence other than the I.D.F. In order to guarantee Israel's security, the I.D.F. shall be deployed along the length of the Jordan River in a continuous territorial link from the Northern border to the Dead Sea. The international borders with Jordan and Egypt shall remain the responsibility of the State of Israel, and the Israeli Air Force shall be responsible for the entire air space of western Eretz Israel.

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