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The Netanyahu government is about to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in order to turn the settlements into fortified strongpoints, like the ones in Lebanon, and to build "bypass roads" to them. For this purpose, it is asking for more than a billion dollars from the US administration.

Die Grüne Linie - haKav hajarok This is complete madness, as even a child understands by now that there can be no future for the settlements in the territories where the State of Palestine is certain to become into being. Tens of thousands of settlers, who have come to the occupied territories to find "quality of life" are already making it clear that they prefer to come back to Israel, in return for appropriate compensations.

Not one more shekel should be wasted on these settlements. The money should be devoted to a practical purpose: to pay just compensation to the settlers, equal to the amount that they have invested in their homes in the settlements.

The houses thus abandoned should be offered for sale to Palestinian citizens.


Today the choice is clear to nearly everybody:
Either settlements or peace - The great majority chooses peace.

An Apology

Gush Shalom apologizes to the hundreds of people which came Tuesday to the Tsavta Hall in Tel-Aviv for the public debate about Seffi Rachlewsky’s book, "The Donkey of the Messiah", and could not get in for lack of seats. We did not expect this and shall make an effort to organize a second event on this theme.

Gush Shalom at Ha’aretz

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