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Berlin‘s Jewish Museum
Is Looking for Mementos

Schoshana H. from Israel has donated her old photograph albums to Berlin’s Jewish Museum. After the war, she and her mother found their albums in the attic of their Amsterdam apartment, their last refuge after fleeing Berlin. These very personal mementos had survived the war years and were now her only connection to life in Berlin before persecution. Schoshana H. hopes that her donation will help that "nothing like this will ever happen again."

Click to enlarge!For many years now, the Berlin Jewish Museum has focussed on collecting mementos from Jewish families. At its inaugural exhibition in the Libeskind Building in the year 2001, the Museum will offer insights into German-Jewish life through numerous personal documents and objects. "The intimacy of personal mementos offers visitors the real possibility of identification, which is extremely important for our educational work with young people," said Gisela Freydank, archivist at the Jewish Museum. "We are not only interested in famous people like Einstein, Rathenau or Liebermann. We feel that it is especially important to document the lives of ordinary people."

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To this end the Jewish Museum hopes to contact emigrants and survivors, their children and grandchildren, as well as other family members or friends. We need YOUR help in order to preserve the memory of individuals, of families and of their fates.

Who will lend or donate their mementos to the Jewish Museum?

We are looking for objects which reflect the centuries of Jewish family-life in Germany. We are looking for objects which attest to persecution, life in exile or in DP camps, as well as documents relating to reparation or restitution proceedings after 1989. We are looking for photographs, letters, diplomas, diaries, family trees, family photo albums, portraits, identity papers, passports, medals, awards, company brochures and catalogs as well as toys, china, silver, table linens or ceremonial objects – anything which testifies to everyday life and work or to special occasions like family celebrations and holidays.

The Jewish Museum in Berlin is asking YOU to pass on this APPEAL to family members, friends and acquaintances. We would also be grateful to be referred to any individuals or institutions whom we might approach.

Please contact us at:
Juedisches Museum Berlin
Leonore Maier, Lindenstr. 9-14
D-10969 Berlin
e-mail: museum@hagalil.com
Tel.: 030-25993-3
Fax: 030-25993-409

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Das Jüdische Museum Berlin
sucht Erinnerungsstücke

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