Juedisches Museum Berlin Refurbishing begins at the Jewish Museum Berlin

Guided tours until July 16th

The Jewish Museum's guided tours will continue until Sunday, July 16th 2000. Thereafter, refurbishment to the building's technical infrastructure will begin.

In order for the Museum to open with its permanent exhibition in September 2001, reconstruction is crucial. Unfortunately, the improvements will interrupt the guided tour program. The empty Museum already reached great public interest and has provided its more than 200 000 visitors so far with tours through the building.

The axes in the Libeskind-Building will be accessible during reconstruction

During reconstruction on the air-conditioning, the cabling, the entrance and sanitation facilities, the Museum wants to admit visitors to at least part of its building. Accordingly, a portion of the spectacular building will be open to the public as long as possible. Part of the subterranean area, including the axes, will be accessible beginning on Monday, July 17th 2000. Guests are welcome to visit the Garden of Exile and the Holocaust-Tower. A film documenting the building--and showing the additional parts of the building not available to see--will begin every quarter of an hour starting Friday, July 28th. This film, in German with English subtitles, explores all parts of the building and lasts approximately 12 minutes. The entrance is free of charge.

The historical permanent exhibition will open in 61 weeks

Around September 9th 2001, the Jewish Museum Berlin will open with its permanent exhibition. The exhibition will guide the visitors on an impressive discovery through German-Jewish history, from its earliest testimonies until present times.

July 7th 2000

Jews in Berlin

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