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European Conference of Women Rabbis, Cantors, Scholars and all Spiritually Interested Jewish Women and Men
Tagung europäischer Rabbinerinnen, Kantorinnen, rabbinisch gelehrter und interessierter Jüdinnen und Juden

Berlin 13.-16. Mai 1999 // 27.Ijar-1.Sivan 5759


Abb. 1
The conference at the former balcony of the
Oranienburger Strasse Synagogue

Women stand together with men,
on an egalitarian basis, on the Bima

In the decade which is just ending a fascinating development has taken place in European Jewish life; increasingly, women are exercising important ritual functions. There are women rabbis in London, Paris and Oldenburg, as well as in Moscow, Minsk and Budapest. What does this mean for Jewish tradition and continuity? What impact do these women have on religious practices? Which themes have become more important? What are the new challenges?

Berlin is the city in which Regina Jonas, the world‘s first woman rabbi, served. With her murder in Auschwitz in 1944 an important development in Judaism was cut off and set back by decades. The questions Regina Jonas raised about Jewish tradition then are still relevant today. We remember her courage and her difficult struggle for recognition as a rabbi. More than half a century after the Shoah women rabbis, cantors, scholars and interested Jewish men and women from all over Europe were invited to come to Berlin and join us in discussing what it means to be Jewish.

More than 200 participants from all over Western and Eastern Europe and some guests from the United States and Israel joined for lectures, services, workshops, celebrating ...

Abb. 2 Opening talk:
Women on the Bima
with Elisa Klapheck (one of the initiators)
and Rabbi Daniela Thau (r)

photos: Burkhart Peter

Diana Pinto (Paris)
Towards an European Jewish Identity

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