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The 100-year old Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not come to an end without the solution of the refugee problem. An agreement with a half of the Palestinian people, that will leave the other half outside the range of peace, will not bring real and lasting peace.

There is no solution without agreement in principle by the Government of Israel to the Right of Return - a right anchored in human morality and international law.

In his respect, there is no difference between a refugee uprooted by the events of the war itself and a refugee actually evicted by the Israeli forces, between a refugee of 1948 and a refugee of 1967, between the refugees themselves and their descendents. All of them have been prevented from returning.

The right of return assures every Palestinian refugee free choice between repatriation to Palestine and compensation.

  1. - Refugees who will opt for repatriation will return to the State of Palestine and be resettled there with the assistance of the international fund for Palestinian refugees.
    The State of Palestinian will have the right to enact a Law of Return that will guarantee the absolute right of every Palestinian to settle there. It will also have the right to grant Palestinian citizenship and issue Palestinian passports to all Palestinian refugees, wherever they lives, as a first or second citizenship.
  2. - Refugees who will opt for compensation instead of repatriation will receive generous compensations for property left in Israel, as well as for past suffering and lost opportunities. Compensations will be financed by the international fund for Palestinian refugees.
  3. - As a symbolic act, and in order to heal the historic wound, the State of Israel will allow for the return of a number of refugees to Israeli territory. The actual number and categories of the returnees, the time-table and modalities of absorption, will be subject to negotiations.
    It is understood that a tragedy cannot be remedied by creating another tragedy, and that a refugee problem cannot be solved by creating another one. Therefore, Israelis will not be evicted from their homes and land in order to enable Palestinian refugees to return to them. The Palestinian returnees to Israel will be resettled like new citizens.
    An international fund for Palestinian returnees, with Israeli participation, will be set up for financing the whole operation.

Both sides will solemnly declare that with the implementation of the agreement, the Palestinian refugee problem will be solved.

Ha’aretz, Aug.13 1999

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Gusch Schalom

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Die hier archivierten Artikel stammen aus den "Anfangsjahren" der breiten Nutzung des Internet. Damals waren die gestalterischen Mglichkeiten noch etwas ursprnglicher als heute. Wir haben die Artikel jedoch weiterhin archiviert, da die Informationen durchaus noch interessant sein knnen, u..a. auch zu Dokumentationszwecken.

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