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Nachrichten aus dem Baltikum

Directly from Vilnius
Reports on the Lileikis Trial: Mirror of Lithuanian Press

A Trial With White Smocks

The Physicians‘ Prognoses Came True:
Lileikis Had Severe Health Problems In Courtroom

By Gintaras Miksiunas (Mikshioonas)
'Lietuvos Zinios' 6 November 1998 (No. 123), p. 1, 9

[With four pictures by Ramunas Danisevicius; three of Lileikis, one of Joel Lion with his mobile phone and pen, titled „The entire session was commented from the courtroom to someone abroad by mobile phone“]

Yesterday Aleksandras Lileikis, accused of Jewish genocide during the Second World war, was brought to the Vilnius District court in a wheelchair. However, his appearance in the temporary „means of transport“ before the judges, State accusators, lawyers, and numerous journalists brought no real change in the historical case which has got stuck.

Lileikis sat in the wheelchair in the court rooom as well, carefully protected by a group of physicians in white smocks. One of the participants ordered to the session was Henrikas Ulevicius, deputy director of the Vilnius University hospital and chairman of the medical commission which examined Lileikis‘ health.

The Lileikis allies Mindaugas Murza and Petras Cidzikas kept reserved. The police did not allow the latter to unfold a poster. After only fifteen minutes of the trial session a break had to be made because the 91-year-old accused suddenly felt ill after the first formal questions. He did not hear at all what the judge said. A woman standing besides him repeated all the questions to him.

Being without conscience, Lileikis‘ relatives immediately took him to the judges‘ room, where physicians tried to give him first aid. Lileikis had a beginning stenocardic attack in the courtroom, the pain in his heart increased, and he felt dizzy. At about 9.50 the physicians at hand in the courtroom wheeled Lileikis out of the room and took him to the Vilnius University Hospital in Santariskes.

The team of judges only formally managed to fix one important moment in the proceedings in this complicated criminal case: they declared that the case was now started to be examined in depth. The former chief of the Vilnius district Security Police Aleksandras Lileikis is charged with carrying out the will of the occupant Nazi regime from August, 1941 to July, 1944 and condemning some Lithuanian Jewish inmates of the Hard Labor Prison to physical annihilation. He is considered to have mediated in the killing of 75 Vilnius inhabitants of Jewish nationality, out of whom only one survive. After consideration with the State accusers and Lileikis‘ defender, the court decided without any discussion that the trial could start even without participation of the victim Danuta Konas, who was ill (she arrived in the courtroom later) and the requested witnesses. As it is known, that the witness Jonas Bukauskas died in Kaunas without having seen the trial begin. Kazys Gimzauskas, Lileikis‘ deputy in the Nazi-subordinated Vilnius district Security Police, did not appear at court because of his age and bad state of health.

After having answered some formal questions about his identity, Lileikis turned to the „High Court“ with a weak voice but speaking clearly and quite calmly. He said he had dedicated all his spiritual and physical power to the Lithuanian state and nation.

Lileikis said that at the age of 92, he was exhausted and chained to the bed, and only with the help of good people had he come to the courtroom. He did not plead guilty, added that he was „absolutely not feeling guilty“ and said the Paternoster prayer. According to the doctor Mr. Ulevicius, the physicians were able to state if the early-stadium stenocardic attack would develop to a second infarct only in ten days‘ time. That is also the time to decide if it is possible to order Mr. Lileikis to the court sessions again. The judges‘ team decided to postpone the examination of the case until Monday and ask for the latest data from the medical examination.

[About 1 ½ pages altogether]

From Vilnius: SLW for

Mirror of Lithuanian Press


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