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Aktiv gegen Nazi-Propaganda!
Jüdische Weisheit
Archivierte Meldungen aus den Jahren 1995 - 1999

Antisemitismus weltweit abnehmend:
'' Ausnahme Deutschlands!''

Antisemitische Gewalt - trotz weltweitem Abnehmen - in Deutschland zunehmend.
Verstärkte Nazi-Propaganda auch im Internet

English/German: Insgesamt verzeichnet eine Studie zum Thema "Antisemitism Worldwide, 1997/8" eine Abnahme antisemitisch motivierter Gewalttaten. Die Propaganda rechtsradikaler Bewegungen hat allerdings weltweit zugenommen. Sehr geschickt nutzen rechtsradikale Propagandisten das Internet, dessen ideale Möglichkeiten sie schon vor Jahren begriffen haben. Zumindest in Europa treffen sie hier kaum auf Gegenwehr.

Während die antisemitische Propaganda im Internet einen Zuwachs von 100% verzeichnet, hat einer der beiden deutsch-jüdischen Server, das MuniNet, bereits aufgegeben. haGalil onLine, einer der größten jüdischen Onlinedienste weltweit, und inzwischen einzige, auch politisch aktive jüdische Seite in deutscher Sprache, könnte ebenfalls kurz vor dem Aus stehen. Unterstützung haben die Initiatoren, die bisher alle Ausgaben selbst getragen haben, bei keiner offiziellen Stelle finden können. Der Grund dafür liegt in erster Linie darin, daß die maßgeblichen Personen die Bedeutung des Mediums Internet noch gar nicht entdeckt haben.

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Germany: The one striking exception worldwide


A study, prepared jointly by Tel Aviv University's Project for the Study of Antisemitism, the Anti-Defamation League and the World Jewish Congress, shows that Jews around the world may be facing fewer physical attacks. The drop in violent incidents also means that Jews must learn to "live without the physical threat of antisemitism," Avi Beker, executive manager of the WJC's office in Israel, said. The current situation, he explained, "is good for the Jews, but bad for Judaism... Today the challenge is really how to maintain Judaism in a positive sense, and not really to assimilate and disappear without this physical threat of antisemitism."

In Germany antisemitic activities went up by 15-20%. In eastern German cities like Dresden, "nationally liberated zones" shut to foreigners, leftists and homosexuals, have been created.

Beker said German officials were doing less than they were a year ago to limit such activity. The disappointment of those in the east with the pace of their integration into the rest of Germany, has also contributed to the growing hatred. The strength of right-wing groups throughout Europe, particularly in France and Austria, indicate there is still a potential for another wave of antisemitism in western Europe.

Antisemitic incidents in the US - as was the case in the rest of the Anglo-Saxon world - declined for the third year in a row, to 1,571 incidents, down 8.8%. Some of the recorded events were the placing of an incendiary device under a window at a Philadelphia day school and the setting on fire of two Los Angeles synagogues.

Nazis haben die Bedeutung längst schon begriffen
Internet: Ein effektives und junges Medium

The major threats lie in material available on the Internet, where the number of sites offering antisemitic material doubled last year.

Rabbi David Rosen, Director of the Anti-Defamation League's Israel Office, explained that the Internet was being increasingly used "as a vehicle for spewing almost unlimited hatred and especially Holocaust-denial. This has become a major concern in terms of hate dissemination and crimes perpetrated as a result of that dissemination." The Ku Klux Klan expanded its use of the Internet to gain new members this year, along with veteran Holocaust denier Bradley Smith. Rosen also noted how it requires only a small number of people to spread such information on the Internet, including such chilling data as outlines for making explosives. Rosen said attempts were being made to find allies in the computer industry to respond to such material.

There has been a growth of antisemitic manifestations on US college campuses, Rosen said, particularly on black university campuses. However, this does not represent the overall black university population, just as Louis Farrakhan represents only 20 percent of the Black Muslim population in the US, Rosen said. Antisemitic materials like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion continued to be available at gatherings where Farrakhan appeared.

Rosen, who has extensive contacts with the Vatican, said the recent Vatican document on the Holocaust may have fallen short of some Jews' expectations, but "it is the first document that formally deals with the whole question of the Holocaust... and what was not done," making it very significant for combatting Holocaust-deniers.

While the study found that antisemitic expressions continued to be widespread in the Arab press last year, they were down somewhat, in an apparent reaction to American and other pressures. While a Jordanian shop-owner may have displayed a sign saying; 'No dogs, no Jews,' Esty Wegman of the center noted there was "a new, emerging trend" led by Arab intellectuals such as Prof. Eduard Said to acknowledge Jewish suffering in the Holocaust, so as to gain greater sympathy for their own plight and promote coexistence.


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A Jewish Sign from Germany:

Die hier archivierten Artikel stammen aus den "Anfangsjahren" der breiten Nutzung des Internet. Damals waren die gestalterischen Möglichkeiten noch etwas ursprünglicher als heute. Wir haben die Artikel jedoch weiterhin archiviert, da die Informationen durchaus noch interessant sein können, u..a. auch zu Dokumentationszwecken.

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