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This was Peacecamp 2007 for me

It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever been in!!!!

I learned so many new things in the camp (as like dancing waltz and tango and Hungarian traditional dance and many more).

My English was improved too and I got quickly the self confidence of speaking English, mostly because I felt safe and welcome in the environment where we have been in, and because I was understood very well by the other participants and the adults.

I felt I can communicate freely and be understood very well and to talk even on subjects that it's hard for me to talk about them (the war last year in Israel, my feelings, my thoughts, etc.).

The people which came to the camp were wonderful teenagers, whom are very unselfish people, who came to the camp because they care of what happening in the world and they want to change it.

At the Peacecamp I did things that I would have never done at home (movement activities mostly). Activities I understood that I came to the camp to do them also.

The guiders (as I think so) were amazed of level of the taking part at the activities. The kids didn’t ask questions and didn’t argue with the guiders, they just did what they said, and it worked, and everybody enjoyed the activities!!!!!

Between the kids at the camp became a very close relationship, and even before the camp was over, everybody started thinking about reunion and how to communicate with each other. It means that it was a very good experience for everybody and not only for me. The participants became very good friends, without a connection to their religion, culture and homeland.

We learned that differences are not an obstacle for peace!!!

We all lived in peace for whole 10 days, so why can't we all live together in peace?

I came back to Israel from this camp with a lot to think about: About how can I change the situation now? How can I break up stigmas and paradigms? What are the things that I learned in the Peacecamp that will be able to help me? And many more questions.

In the Peacecamp learned so many new things about me that I didn’t know. It changed me positively. It change my way of viewing at world, at the people in my country, at my friends, at my family and at myself.

In my country there is a project which is called "Lead". It didn’t interested me at first time, but now, after I had been in this camp, I really think seriously to go there, because I learned a lot about myself and about teamwork, On me as a leader and as a part of a group. Now I understand the importance of this project, and how it can help me to help the world, to help other people and to help myself.

I wrote an e-mail to Evelyn which in I told her that she can't give up her dream. that she must continue with this project which is called Peacecamp. I could see what I think she wanted us to see: the subject of the Peacecamp was "imagine peace". And I, as I think everybody in the camp, was able to see the peace and not only to imagine it!!!

I also wrote her that the place she picked up for doing the camp, Reibers, was the perfect place for the goal of the camp. It was a quiet and peacefully place which in we felt safe and didn’t have to worry on everything except for the activities and the goal of the Peacecamp. I asked her to do the next camp in this place/ in a place as peacefully and quiet as Reibers.

Thank you from all of my heart for this one time experience. I will never forget it.

Thanks for all the crew of adults and children who helped this Peacecamp to be existed. And big big thanks for Evelyn and Ronny Böhmer whom we couldn't do this lifetime experience without.

Segev Elnir
Jewish Israelian delegation
Peacecamp 2007 05-08-2007

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