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Exhibition in Jerusalem:
Art and Industry in Israel 2005

"This is my Homeland, no other for me"
K. Givon

By Dr. Judith Reifen-Ronen

The Art & Industry Exhibition 2005, Israel Festival Jerusalem, celebrated 70 years of The MAI (Manufacturers Association of Israel), Jerusalem Branch. At the opening festive ceremony, Mr. Ehud Olmert, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Industry, Trade & Labor, pointed out the importance of Israel Industry achievements with the unique encounter of industry and Art as part of the Israeli culture. Ran Tuttnauer, chairman of the Jerusalem MAI Branch, mentioned the importance of mutual influence of Art & Industry in Israel as well as support entrepreneurs/industries in Jerusalem.

Art and Industry as part of a cultural-social- business concept, commenced in the USA at the end of the sixties and in Europe during the eighties. The investments in the Arts were always a byproduct of flourishing progress - financial success that supported large costly art projects. As Doron Polak of ‘Artura-Projective’, Curator of the exhibition believes that usage of Art as part of the environment of industry can establish a true link between Art and Industry to the benefit of society, industry and the artists. Israel holds a worldwide leading position connecting Art and Industry.

The exhibition featured artists all of whom reflect a strong bond to the state of Israel. Among the artists is the newly discovered photographer, Kalman Givon from Kiriat Bialik. 'Ham-let' Advanced Control Technology, one of the leading companies in Israel, chose his work as a theme. Givon, born in Frankfurt a/m, 1924 , was brought to Eretz Israel by Recha Freier in 1941, served in the British Army. Since 1950, as an employee for over 30 years of 'Solel Boneh', the largest construction company in Israel at the time, he had the urge to develop his hobby - photography. Givon turned his hobby into art, established a lab were he developed since 1950 his black and white photos. During 50 years Givon produced 10,000 black/white negatives, all are indexed chronologically. Most of his photos are snaps.

Jordan River Project 1955
All pictures © K. Givon

Old City Jerusalem 1967

Jerusalem 1970
Click to enlarge pictures!

The enormous, magnitude projects, as well as the individual, the worker and the new immigrant, captured Givon’s eye and camera. Givon, a sensitive observer, was fascinated by the privilege of being part of history making: of taking an active part in the newly born State of Israel. Therefore, the photo album produced by 'Ham-Let', its beautiful, interesting cover designed by Dina Givon, an artist, is an historical document which tells the story of the establishment of the State of Israel. It is stored for the public in:

Kalman Givon Internet Photo Exhibition 17-06-2005

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