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Anti-Semitism is not an opinion but a crime!
Against the speech of Martin Hohmann
on 2004-10-03

Martin Hohmann wants to stick to "a good local tradition" and hold a speech on this years "day of german unity" in Neuhof near Fulda again, this time about "patriotism". Just last year his speech for the "national holiday" came into the headlines and provoked a public debate on the revival of anti-Semitism in Germany, because he called the Jews a "people of perpetrators". His speech was then not criticised by the over 100 guests and not even by the "Fuldaer Zeitung", only a Jewish internet-project called weeks later managed to draw attention to the anti-Semitic contents of Hohmanns speech in 2003.

Accordingly his expulsion from the CDU-party wasn't implemented by the party voluntarily, but was forced through public and international pressure. Roland Koch prime minister of Hesse - even found excusing words for his ally in Frankfurt's Synagogue on November the 9th 2003, whereafter dozens of Jews left the place showing their indignation by shouting and whistling.

At the beginning of the debate, some argued Hohmann could have made a mistake or didn't mean what he said. One can find out very quickly, that this is wrong and playing down the anti-Semitic ideology of Hohmann. As early as 2001 the Jewish Claims Conference wrote to the CDU: "Mr. Hohmann uses phrasings and stereotypes, which were already used by right-wing radicals in the Weimarer Republik and are exploited by these groups until today." The in his electoral district lovingly being called "our Martin" has a world view that favours everything "German" and accordingly depreciates everything defined as "un-German". First of all, his hatred is directed against Jews, a group he considers as a people and connects to the crimes of Stalinism, and consequently even equates them with the German Nazis. Besides his anti-Semitism, he also complains in an open racist way about allegedly criminal migrants, insults receivers of social contributions as "parasites" and calls homosexuality a "sin". That is how he verifies the Jean-Paul Sartre-word of anti-Semitism, which is attacking Jews primarily, but also shows itself as a "fear of being human".

Because this kind of ideology is widespread in Germany, the support for Hohmann and his speech last year wasn't limited to high-profile CDU-members.

Big parts of the Hessian CDU and also the population of the Fulda region gathered around "their" member of parliament and considered themselves - just like Hohmann - victims of a media-campaign against the conservative who got famous over night. In Neuhof itself brotherhood and "solidarity" with the anti-Semitic politician and not dissociation was the name of the game. Journalists found ordinary citizens talking about the "power of rich Jews".

Not surprisingly, the public opinion that dislikes a new speech of Hohmann in Neuhof on October the 3rd 2004, doesn't care about his anti-Semitic ideology, but only shows fear of another "media-spectacle" and the possible negative effects on the reputation of the region.

We call to a protest rally against the speech of the not learning and repeatedly perpetrating anti-Semite, not because we want to save the prestige of the village, the region, Hesse or Germany, but because it's a necessity of reason to fight anti-Semitic, racist and German-nationalist ideology anywhere and anytime.

Protest rally: 2004-10-03 | 10h in front of the Schützenhaus, Schützenstraße | Neuhof near Fulda

Meeting point for travel from Frankfurt by train: 8h15 | Infopoint Hauptbahnhof (main train station)

Bündnis gegen Antisemitismus Rhein-Main
E-Mail: 0177/9373715.

Antisemitismus ist keine Meinung sondern ein Verbrechen
Kundgebung gegen den Auftritt von Martin Hohmann am 3.10.2004!

[FORUM] 01-10-2004

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