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Internet-platform for Eastern- jewish topics:

Who we are

We are a members of the "Kompetenznetz Jüdische und Rabbinische Studien" at the University of Potsdam. Our aim is to build up a platform for studies about jewish history and culture in Eastern and Central Europe.

What we want

We would like to create an internet-platform for doctoral candidates and scientists, who are working about eastern-jewish themes.

What we do not want

We don't want to supply our members with daily informations, but to inform about current events, publications and invitations. Moreover we want to give young collegues the possibility to report on their projects und to get in contact with other members of this list.

What we need

To make this list interesting, we need your help! We need informations about events and publications in your countries und we would be glad, if you could inform us about it.
Messages should be in german or english language and can be send to the following adress:

What we offer

We offer a moderated list which means you will not get advertising mails or other unwelcome messages. We only contribute messages after checking them.
Of course, the participation in this list is free of charge.

Your free membership

If you are interested in becoming a member of this list, you can send a message with your name, email and institution to the following adress:

We will inform you about the successfull registration and you will get further informations.


When you are registrated you can change your personal data at the list homepage. There you will be told that this page has not a safety certificate. You can continue, there is no risk for your computer. It is only a certificate of safety for which the University does not want to pay for.


Direction: Dr. Joachim Schlör (
Editorial: Stephanie Kowitz, M.A. (

Text in German 14-12-2003

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