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Raz Ram:
Design Competition on the Theme of Traffic

Ram Rothenberg had a great passion for cars and collected toy cars of all sizes, colors and types. His family will never know, whether this passion could have eventually turned into a profession: he was killed in the course of a military action in southern Lebanon on July 10, 1999. Yesterday he would have celebrated his 26th Birthday. The Raz Ram Foundation created a design competition on the theme of traffic to commemorate his memory.

Aviv Livnat, Chairman of Raz Ram tells us, that "the family contacted us when trying to find the most suitable form of commemoration". The Foundation works mostly with orphans and children from difficult family backgrounds. Artists, educators and therapeutists are working countrywide with the children on projects in the fields of arts, theater, paintings and design. The family initially inteded to support one of the already existing foundations. Aviv Livnat however suggested that they create their own project based on Ram’s great passion.

Together they created an annual design competition on the theme of traffic and cars. About 50 entries were submitted and 20 candidates eventually came up with a model. The committee of judges, including members of the Rothenberg family, representatives of the Ram Foundation and accompanying designers, choose the winners, who received their prize yesterday during the prize awarding ceremony.

Left: Ram Rothenbergs' siblings
Below: Aviv Livnat, Raz Ram Foundation

Based on the theme "Creating a new kind of movement", several amazing projects were created, such as a toy car for girls; a syringe in a form of a car, which is to facilitate visits to doctors as well as a Renault retro-model. Rubi Amir’s design of a bicycle designated for children with motoric difficulties won the first prize. With its special supporting motor the bycicle has actually a physiotherapeutic effect.

Winner of the first prize:
Rubi Amir and his model

The third prize is being
shared by severeal
contestants, such as Uri
Pinchasis' design "Control-a-Ball"

Starting on November 13, 2003, all models will be displayed at the "Escola-Meimad" art and design gallery for one month. Each year the competition will adress different aspects of cars and traffic. For further information please visit the Raz Ram Website.

More contestants: "Retro-Renault" by Joav Masar,
"Free" a car for wheelchair users by Jaron Eliassi

Ram Rothenberg's car toys collection (z"l) was displayed during the design exhibition.

More Information on the Raz Ram Foundation:

"Joining Hearts in Arts":
The Raz Ram Foundation


Translation by Noa Livne
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