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St. Petersburg, Russia
In Cooperation with
Jewish Association of St. Petersburg, Russia

White Nights, Romance, Jewish History and ..
Wednesday 12-Sunday 16 July 2000

Dear Friends

We have great pleasure to invite you for a special long weekend in St. Petersburg, Russia. This gathering of Jewish singles from across Europe promises to be an unequaled opportunity to make new friends, learn about other Jewish communities, exchange views on contemporary issues, learn about the unique history of the Jewish Community in St. Petersburg, meet with its members and people from other cities in Russia, and celebrate an Russian-style Shabbat together. And of course visit the enchanting sites of St. Petersburg.

This year, YACHAD is Celabrating its Bar Mitvah ( 13 ) program . The events we have organised over the five years have brought together more than 1200 people.

YACHAD participants range in age from 30 to 50 and come from a variety of backgrounds and communities. Yachad brought together between 75-100 participants each time in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Language differences are never a problem!

The event includes a guided tour of the Pushkin and St. Petersburg subburbs, St. Petersburg- and its famed places such as St. Peter and Paul's cathedral, St. Petersburg by night, a Shabbat Dinner, as well as a Reception on Wednesday night and a festive special Saturday night together with local singles

Very Important : VISA !!
You will need a visa to enter Russia. Please send back your registration form with a copy of your passport, to get a yachad offical invitation. With this document you must contact to the Russain embassy in your City / Country to get the visa.

If you are willing to be active in this program and to share your talent or professional knowhow with the others, please let me know in order to set it in the program

Participants will be accommodated in a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg. In exceptional cases we are ready to arrange, for overseas visitors, to stay before or after the event at the hotel of your choice. Please contact Gady Gronich for this special arrangement and room charges.

You are kindly required not to make direct reservation with the hotel. All booking arrangements should be made through Gady Gronich, in order to avoid confusions.

The next communication will be on how to travel from the airport to the hotel.

Places are limited and rooms will be allocated on a "first come, first served" basis. To ensure your place, please fax the Registration Form to Gady Gronich at the number given below. If you require further information, contact him in Munich (in English, German or Ivrit! ).

We look forward to seeing you in St. Petersburg

Yours sincerely,

We wish you, your family, your friends and your community a
Pessach filled with Happiness, Liberty and Renewal.

Gady Gronich Genia Lvova
ECJC - Yachad Program Director Jewish Association of St. Petersburg, Russia
Munich, GermanySt. Petersburg, Russia
Tel/Fax ++ (49) (89) 4800 2909

The European Council of Jewish Communities is a vibrant networking organisation with affiliated national Jewish social, educational and cultural agencies in 37 European countries. The ECJC builds and strengthens networks amongst communities and communal leaders through a broad ranging programme of consultations, exchanges, and joint projects. Yachad/Together-The European Jewish Singles Network organises "get togethers" across the continent and throughout the year, offering single Jewish people a chance to travel, relax, make new friends, learn about other communities and exchange views on contemporary Jewish issues.

In Association with the:
Euro-Meeting, Jüd Singles Club ICZ, Zurich
And with the support of

***YACHAD the European Jewish Singles Network***
an initiative of the 
with the support of 
Reply to: Gady Gronich, Program Director
Weissenburger street 18 D-81667, Munich Germany
Tel. ++ 49 89 48002906 Tel/Fax 48002909
Email :

Registration Form

St. Petersburg 2000
E u r o p e a n J e w i s h S i n g l e s E n c o u n t e r
Wednesday 12 - Sunday 16 July 2000, St. Petersburg, Russia


Age: male female



Tel.: Fax:



Passport Nr.:

The programme will begin on Wednesday evening and end on Sunday midday. The registration fees below - in German Marks (DM) - include a four night hotel accommodation (Wednesday to Sunday), meals (breakfast and dinner), excursions and parties. N.B. Meals will be fish and vegetarian . Kosher only at the Shabbat dinner.

Please reserve the following room for me:
Hotel Moskva, St. Petersburg

In the 3rd Floor ( renovated )
SINGLE ROOMDM 1045 (» 525 Euro )
DOUBLE ROOM DM 795 per person (» 400 Euro
I will share my room with:_________________________

In the Block Lux
SINGLE ROOMDM 1125 (» 565 Euro )
DOUBLE ROOM DM 895 per person (» 440 Euro )
I will share my room with:_________________________

Very Important Dont forget to send a copy of your passport in order to get the invitation for your VISA

Full payment of the registration fee is required in advance to confirm your reservation. Please send a cheque or bank transfer in German Marks (to reduce the bank charges incurred):
Gady Gronich, Weissenburgerstr. 18, D-81667 Munich, Germany
Postbank Munich, acct. no. 804-24-804, bank code 700 100 80, reference "St. Petersburg Singles
Please return this form and a copy of your payment by fax no later than 16th June to
Gady Gronich at 00-49-89-4800 2909

Signature: Date:

haGalil onLine 21-05-2000

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