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Aktiv gegen Nazi-Propaganda!
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Josi Sarid - Israeli Ministry of  Education:
Israel ruft auf zur Solidarität!

Sarid to Education Ministers:
'Make Europe free of future Haiders'

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PRESS RELEASE - Jerusalem, February 28, 2000 -  Israeli Education Minister Yossi Sarid has written to dozens of his European counterparts in an attempt to use education to prevent the spread of neo-Nazism and fascism in Europe.

Sarid's initiative is a direct result of the inclusion of six members of Joerg Haider's  extreme right-wing party in the newly formed Austrian government, after it recently received 27 per cent of the vote in the national elections.

In his letter, Sarid called upon his European colleagues to join hands in a spirit of partnership and responsibility to combat the forces of racism, discrimination, intolerance and hatred in the continent.  The Minister also pledged to offer pedagogic assistance to European nations, including lecturers and study materials.

The following are excerpts from Minister Sarid's letter to his European counterparts:

Dear Minister,
The purpose of this letter is to address the new phenomenon of  Joerg Haider and his "Freedom Party" in Austria, with their neo-fascist/neo-Nazi and xenophobic character.  This development is extremely worrisome, and threatens not only minorities and the democratic nature of Austria, but Europe as a whole.
The fact that Austrian voters did not reject these extreme right-wing elements has posed a difficult dilemma for Israel and the European nations.

The questions now are:
How can we join together and combat Haider's dangerous phenomenon and stop it in its tracks?  
How can we implement the lessons of the Holocaust and World War II, in which so many scores of millions of innocents were murdered by the Nazis or killed in battle, all because of a blind hatred which destroyed so much of Europe?

I call upon you, in response to the rise of Haider, to step up your Holocaust awareness education, as well as your programs teaching the dangers of fascism and intolerance.  This time, let us cooperate to stop the spread of hatred and racism in Europe, before it is allowed to poison the minds of our precious youth and future generations.

Rest assured that in my capacity as Israeli Minister of Education, we shall supply whatever assistance we can.  The Yad Vashem institute in Jerusalem is well equipped to serve as a basis for information on the rise of Nazism and the inherent dangers of fascism and intolerance. My Ministry will also be ready to supply know-how, lecturers and material to any country requiring it.

My colleagues, let us set the agenda here, and not Haider and his Freedom Party. Together we can work to ensure that  democracy and freedom prevail, and not the forces of hatred and bigotry. This is our challenge. Let's meet this challenge and make Europe, and the world, free of divisiveness, prejudice, and future Haiders.

Yossi Sarid
Israeli Ministrer of Education

For more information, contact DAVID.BAKER
Israeli Ministry of  Education 
Office of the Spokeswoman

haGalil onLine 29-02-2000

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