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Meyers Consulting Meyers Consulting




The Services of Meyers Consulting



  • assistance in development of complete business plans
  • treasury management
  • financial planning
  • cash management
  • business start-ups in emerging markets
  • introduction and operation of an IT supported treasury system
  • development and implementation of financing concepts
  • computation and realization of optimal financial structures
  • management of shareholder and bank relations
  • management of special transactions such as "going public", "going private", "spin off", "equity carve out" and "management buy out"
  • oversee acquisition or disposal of entities and / or business units
  • financial planning and implementation of restructuring, mergers and liquidations
  • risk and insurance management


  • planning, realization and management of operational and tax optimization structures internationally
  • tax planning and tax audit negotiations with the responsible fiscal authorities
  • preparation of tax returns and documentation for legal entities and physical persons


1. Strategic Management Accounting

  • assistance in the creation of an effective Mission Statement and / or General Policy Statement
  • introduction or improvement of an IT supported strategic controlling system
  • development of strategies and projects and ensuring their measurability and agreement with the General Policy Statement
  • analyses of organizational goals and resolution of conflicts found
  • analysis and planning of long-term success factors
  • portfolio analyses
  • strengths / weaknesses and opportunities / risks analyses
  • development of interfaces between strategic and operative controlling
  • investment and divestiture analyses and projects
  • "make or buy" analyses

2. Operative Management Accounting

  • management of the controllership function at corporate, segmental and business unit levels
  • planning, budget development, analyses of variances and recommendation of corrective measures
  • project management, project cooperation, project controlling
  • evaluation, selection and introduction of controlling software
  • introduction and operation of IT supported EIS (executive information of systems), MIS (management information systems) and early warning systems


1. General

  • directorships, e.g. on audit committees
  • introduction or modernization and management of the internal audit function
  • development or revision of a corporate code of ethics
  • coordination and optimization of all audit activities with the external auditors

2. Audits

  • operational audits to optimize effectiveness and efficiency in all areas of the organization
  • compliance audits in respect of laws and ordinances as well as internal rules, regulations and instructions
  • documentation and analyses of horizontal organizational processes
  • audits of internal control structures
  • audits to ensure protection of assets from loss or damage
  • forensic audits

3. Recommendations

  • promotion of effective controls
  • appropriate measures to eliminate reported deficiencies
  • measures to improve effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and risk management

4. Appraisals

  • due diligence investigations
  • appraisals of businesses


  • set up, reorganize and / or manage accounting functions
  • evaluation , selection and introduction if IT supported financial accounting systems
  • introduction or improvement of IT supported cost accounting systems
  • preparation of financial statements according to Swiss GAAP, EU guidelines, US GAAP and IAS
  • restatement of financial statements and conversion of accounting functions to new accounting rules, for example from Swiss GAAP to IAS or US GAAP
  • translation of financial statements, accounting standards and manuals
  • preparation of inflation adjusted and "value added" financial statements


  • individual monitoring, coaching and practical training in all of the above mentioned areas
  • organization and implementation of internal seminars and courses
  • lectures at schools, educational events, seminars and courses
  • private or group lessons to prepare clients for Swiss and US certification exams

You can contact Meyers Consulting at:

  • Falkenweg 17, CH-6340 Baar (Zug) Switzerland
    Telephone: ++41 (0)41 763 31 31
    Telefax: ++41 (0)41 763 31 33
    Mobile: ++41 (076) 317 31 33
  • e-mail
German Meyers Consulting: Deutsch
English Meyers Consulting: English

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