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Villa Moyal in Hebrew

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Go back in time and enjoy one of a kind vacation in the Galilee

Nestled in the Western Galilee mountains above the biblical valley of the olive groves you will discover "Villa Moyal".

Located at Tal-El, "Villa Moyal" is a 3 room Bed & Breakfast with country style dining room. All "Villa Moyal" rooms capture the country charm and are designed to meet every comfort.

Enjoy your country breakfast, prepared by Etti, a culinary delight, while soaking in the spectacular view and fresh country air.

Travel the area, or just relax around the heated pool. Swedish Sauna, or Jacuzzi. Located at Tal-El.

"Villa Moyal" is conveniently located close to many of the well-known vacation spots such as: ancient Acco, Nahariya, Tiberias, Nazareth to name a few - or if you choose, lay your blanket down on one of the beautiful clean beaches of the northern region of Israel, and melt the tension away.

"Villa Moyal"
Tel. 04-9965543 / Fax 04-9562555
Mobile 052-668250

P.O.B. 15
M.P. Oshrat 25167

haGalil from 'Villa Moyal'

25167 .. -

052-668250 04-9562555 04-9965543 .

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