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Nachrichten aus dem Baltikum

Dov Levin ist eine von 40 Personen, die von der US Zeitschrift Newsweek zur Darstellung der "Kriege des 20.Jahrhunderts" ausgewählt wurden.

Wir freuen uns mit Dov Levin:
A Mensch!

Dov Levin, Professor an der Hebrew University, ist einer der weltweit anerkanntesten Experten für ORAL HISTORY. Sein Spezialgebiet ist das Baltikum. Als Überlebender aus Kowno ist Dov Levins Wanderungsroute im Jahre 1945 in Martin Gilberts Encyclopedia of Holocaust enthalten.

Er hat den Umgang einer ganzen nachfolgenden Generation mit unserer kollektiven Erinnerung geprägt. Besonders hervorzuheben ist in diesem Zusammenhang sein Werk: "PINKAS KEHILOT LITA", in welchem alle jüdischen Gemeinden Litauens verzeichnet sind. Ein ebensolches Buch existiert für Lettland und Estland. Unvergessen sind auch die beiden Bücher "FIGHTING BACK" sowie "The lesser of two evils: BALTIC JEWS UNDER THE SOVJETS".

Mehr als 40 Bücher und 400 Artikel hat der an der Hebräischen Universität in Jerusalem lehrende Professor Levin verfasst.

Neben Simon Wiesenthal ist Dov Levin ist mein Mentor. Ich bewundere sein Werk und Dov gehört für mich zu den großen Persönlichkeiten dieses Jahrhunderts. Was neben allen offiziellen Würden aber am Wichtigsten ist: Dov Levin ist wirklich ein Mensch.

SLW für haGalil, am 18.3.99

from: NEWSWEEK, 15 March 1999

A Place to Take a Stand

JERUSALEM, MAY 14, 1948: Dov Levin lost his family in the Nazi occupation of Lithuania. He was guarding the Mount Scopus campus of Jerusalem's Hebrew University when Israel was born ; and the Arabs invaded.

I myself didn't hear the declaration of independence on the radio because I was on duty. I saw many people kissing and jumping, and some of the youngsters started to dance.

But my excitement wasn't very long-lived. For us, victory seemed very, very distant because Jerusalem was surrounded. From [Jerusalem's] Old City I heard a Jewish girl's voice on the radio saying, "We are going to surrender! Please tell us how to surrender!" It made me ill to hear such words. How can it be that our forces are surrendering? When a girl is saying those words it's even more impressive. Then I heard the voice of a male: "You will have to wait, we will give you instructions." For me, it was very disgusting.

I forgot that in a war, you cannot win all the battles. But here we were in Palestine; where every man should be a hero. When the ship first brought me here, I wondered: "Am I really alive? And out of the 250,000 Jews in Lithuania, I am one of the few who survived? Why me?" Some of the sabras [native-born Israelis] who met me said, "You're a good man. You were a partisan [in the Lithuanian resistance]. But how could all the others go [to the concentration camps]? If something happens here, we will not give up."

And here I was seeing the same behavior. People here persuaded me to believe that here they are another people--yet here they were also surrendering. So it was a day of mixed feelings for me.

Then we heard that all the Arab armies are marching toward Palestine. So I made up my mind that it would be very hard times, that it would not be so easy. I had seen what [weapons] we had. In such a small strategic place - Mount Scopus, which was one of the highest places in the entire Jerusalem area - we had only about 40 rifles and homemade tommy guns. The heaviest thing we had was one small two-inch mortar. We had many people who wanted to do something, but they had no weapons. We were surrounded.

Some of the men had families in Jerusalem, and they were already homesick. One night we were bombed on Mount Scopus. Our commander was a former major in the British Army, and we students asked him to train us more. We were funny soldiers -- soldiers usually don't want a lot of training.

The Jordanian forces came very close to our position and one of our guys, also a former partisan, stopped them with his lousy antitank gun with two or three bullets. At one point it was very, very dangerous to be on Mount Scopus. Elsewhere in the country it wasn't going badly. But I had to be concerned about what was going on where we were.

Har haZofim


  • Fighting Back:
    Lithuanian Jewry's Armed Resistance to the Nazis, 1941-1945
    Dov Levin / Hardcover / 1985 - $49.50

    Fighting Back:
    Lithuanian Jewry's Armed Resistance to the Nazis, 1941-1945
    Dov Levin / Paperback / 1985 - $17.50

    Holocaust and Genocide Studies
    "Meticulously researched and exhaustively detailed, this study traces the painstaking efforts of Jews, despoiled of haven and hope, to combat the onslaught of the Nazi death machine."

    This landmark book, updated with a new preface to include findings from the archives of independent Lithuania, presents the first comprehensive account of organized resistance against the Nazis by Lithuanian Jews. Dov Levin, an eminent Israeli scholar who was once a member of the Kovno ghetto underground and later a fighter with the Lithuanian partisans, describes the declining social and economic position of Lithuanian Jews in the years leading up to World War II and their plight first under Soviet, and later under German occupation. He chronicles the activities of Jews who left their homeland to join the Soviet Army, those who remained behind to fight in the forests and in the ghettos of Vilna, Kovno, Shavli, and Svencian, and those who fought in the concentration camps. FIGHTING BACK is the product of decades of research, involving the study of memoirs, trial transcripts, military documents, ghetto and battlefield diaries, interviews, and contemporary Jewish accounts published outside Lithuania.

haGalil onLine - Donnerstag 18-03-99

Die hier archivierten Artikel stammen aus den "Anfangsjahren" der breiten Nutzung des Internet. Damals waren die gestalterischen Möglichkeiten noch etwas ursprünglicher als heute. Wir haben die Artikel jedoch weiterhin archiviert, da die Informationen durchaus noch interessant sein können, u..a. auch zu Dokumentationszwecken.

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