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London's Muslim and Jewish Communities:
Shock at Blasts in the city

Muslim Jewish Forum of North London

London's Muslim and Jewish communities have expressed shock at the recent explosions on buses and Underground Stations in the city. An emergency meeting was held at 2pm today with the Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Simon Pountain, at the North London Muslim Community Centre with senior members of the Forum. Both communities expressed solidarity with the victims, and shared heartfelt condemnation of the attacks.

Chair of the Forum Rabbi Hershel Gluck (Rabbi of Walford Road Synagogue) added that, "As people of faith, as Muslims and Jews we stand united and see all life as sacred. These attacks are therefore deplored and condemned. We hope that sanity and humanity can be found from the current chaos and confusion, and that our Muslim friends and neighbours do not suffer due to hasty conclusions being drawn or through the irrational demonisation of the entire Muslim community. We wish all the victims a speedy recovery, and convey to their families that our thoughts and prayers are with them."

Muslim community spokesperson for the Forum, Ismail Amaan (Director of the North London Muslim Community Centre) stated that, "The Muslim community is extremely shocked by recent events. It still remains unclear who perpetrated these attacks, but whatever the motive behind them they have been wholeheartedly condemned by every Muslim I have spoken to. Our immediate concern is for the victims of the blasts, but in the long term we also fear for community relations in London."

Mr. Amaan also noted "the first-class response of the police, health service and frontline services which are to be congratulated".

Rabbi Gluck added that, "We need to be vigilant in continuing to foster the good relations and mutual respect that exists between the various communities".

The Muslim Jewish Forum consists of leading members of North London's Muslim and Orthodox Jewish community, who work together to address issues of mutual concern and towards the betterment of both communities and wider society. 08-07-2005

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