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Children of Abraham

Register until June 18th

Jewish participants are needed to balance the group as there are many more Muslims so far

Children of Abraham is a not-for-profit project that seeks to illustrate the underlying commonalities between two religions that on the surface seem very different.

On television and in newspapers you see powerful images of the other that may make you feel angry and afraid. There is an excellent chance that you have never interacted closely with or even met a member of the other 'side'. And yet you may know that both Judaism and Islam stem from one God, and that Jews and Muslims peacefully coexisted for centuries in many parts of the world.

This project, however, will not focus on peace, a much-abused word that perhaps remains meaningless to you in light of current realities all over the world. Neither will it center on politics. What it will do is take a close and candid look at the core of both of these ancient religions, through the eyes of young Muslims and Jews. Funded and supported by Jews and Muslims in North America and the Middle East, Children of Abraham is producing a photo essay of Muslims and Jews from around the world participating in rituals, communal and cultural events, that will highlight and publicize the similarities between these mutually misunderstood faiths. You will be provided with the opportunity to make a personal statement, through your photographs, about your own perspective on your faith, in a safe, educational environment that will further mutual understanding on an international scale.

We are now offering internships to young adults aged 15-20 interested in participating in Children of Abraham. Interns will be selected from approximately 15 different countries to take and submit at least 50 original photographs throughout July-August 2004 of Muslim/Jewish religious themes, symbols, rituals and events. These photographs will capture your sense of the fundamental nature of your religion, beyond the clothes you wear and the food you eat, and will be presented in an online photo essay to be internationally marketed for educational use. Step one of this project was completed in the summer of 2003 and is available in booklet form for those interested in viewing it.

Interns will also take part in Education for Coexistence , an internet-based seminar that will tackle issues that arise from interfaith and cross-cultural dialogue. Additionally, interns will be invited to take part in future Children of Abraham initiatives, including a possible documentary film.

The duration of the internship is July 1st - August 31st 2004. Interns must have regular access to an internet connection and either a digital camera or a traditional camera + scanner. Each intern will receive US$400 for full participation in all aspects of the project.

NOTE: It is not strictly necessary that you be either Muslim or Jewish to be selected.

To apply, please email responses to the following three questions to: These must be received no later than June 18st, 2004.

1) Describe yourself and your life in one paragraph.
2) What comes to mind when you think of Judaism and Islam?
(250-500 words)
3) Why is it important to you to be part of this project? (250-500 words)

Include the following in your email application:

Date of Birth
Email address
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Where you will be July-August 2004

Selected applicants will be contacted in early June 2004.

Any questions about Children of Abraham should be directed to Ari or Maria at

Coordinators of Children of Abraham:

Ari Alexander, an American Jew, has completed Masters degrees in Comparative Ethnic Conflict and Modern Middle Eastern Studies, and has worked with teenagers and university students in conflict resolution and cross-cultural dialogue.

Maria Ali-Adib, a Syrian Muslim living in London, has worked with international organizations to develop student-centered approaches to education reform, and has recently obtained her Masters degree in Managing and Implementing Development Projects.

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