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Descendants from Augsburg
Eine Seite der Nachkommen der Augsburger Gemeinde

My greatgrandparents lived in Munich. Gerson and Sofie Landmann. They were deported and died in Thersienstadt. My grandfather moved down to Augsburg where my father was born. The son of the last Rabbi of Augsburg (Ernst Jacobs) is now your rabbi (Walter Jacobs). Augsburg and Munich have many things in common and we hope that our group can help spread tolerance and religious freedom and Judaism where ever anyone is interested. I know that there is conflicts going on now between the various forms of Judaism in Germany (Orthodox and progressive) and since our group has members of every form of Judaism (including some members who are no longer Jewish). We just hope to keep alive the memory of the previous Jewish community and hope to be a link of the past to the future.

Vielen dank und ich werde unsere Mitglieder wissen wo euere website bleibt. Too bad our parents don't know how to use computers. When my parents come to visit, I'll show them your site too.

Rick Landman

By the way, in a strange sort of twist of history. My father left Dachau after his internment on Kristallnacht and then went to England and then America, and then was drafted in the US Army and sent back to fight Hitler. His was the first battalion that entered Munchen at the end of the war. He remembers running and looking for his grandparents, but they were gone. He was the first American to step into Augsburg during the same week. I started the group and website as a present to my father. Hopefully, we all can find some peace in this world and just live as Jews without all this conflict.

Unfortunately, most of us speak German like three year olds. That's because we all heard German in our houses until we left for school and friends, and then English was spoken. So I would have a hard time getting through your site.

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