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Searching for historical data?

The Archive Detective of haGalil onLine and Facts & Files

What the Archive Detective can do:

You are looking for historical documents? You have got questions about historical data, facts, and background information? The Archive Detective can provide answers to your questions about history: Jewish history, restitution and compensation inquiries, family history, and much more.

Assign the Archive Detective:

Simply complete the following form with your inquiry. Within a few days, our partner Facts & Files will send you a non-committal offer for fee-based research. There is no charge for this initial inquiry.

Your specifications:

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Facts & Files

"Think History!" This is the slogan of Facts & Files - partner of haGalil onLine. Facts & Files' longtime experience with the academic handling of historical documents ensures a competent and efficient solution to your history-related concerns. The company's excellent contacts to academics and experts extend well beyond mere archival research. Facts & Files is happy to provide a quick consultation on all questions relating to history.

Upon request, Facts & Files will provide individual quotes for additional research and historical consultation. The fee for answering historical questions is EUR 30.00 and for archival research EUR 65.00 (in Europe plus 16% VAT).
Please view the General Terms and Conditions of Facts & Files.

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