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Der Neunte Aw
Wir bitten um Hilfe
beim Wiederaufbau einer Synagoge in Sacramento / California,
die durch einen Nazi-Feueranschlag schwer beschädigt wurde.

In Serie wurden 3 kalifornische Synagogen zerstört:
The Sacramento Bee berichtete.

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Shalom Friends,
my name is Rabbi Stuart Rosen, and I am appealing to you directly in search of financial aid in rebuilding our synagogue that sustained extensive damage from arsonists that attacked us here in Sacramento, California. Our Synagogue, a small community oriented Orthodox schul was the object of hate when arsonists hit the schul in three places.  They broke into the Men's section using an accelerant, setting the chairs on fire. Our back classroom sustained the most damage, and the front door was charred as if to destroy our welcome mat. 

Rabbi RosenWe were informed by the ATF Federal official that our gas line was treated with a flammable liquid but did not ignite. Fire officials informed us that we were 2-4 minutes from an uncontrollable fire that would have easily endangered the neighborhood. Thanks to the American River Fire Protection District for their quick response!  All this information leads us to conclude that the arsonist's intent was total destruction of Knesset Israel Torah Center. 

Our life now is totally disrupted since we are the only synagogue completely displaced from our facility (we are borrowing space at a school down the street and an empty house in the neighborhood for services and functions).  The initial newspaper reports of damage were totally inaccurate.  Although our Torahs miracleously were not damaged, smoke destroyed everything else inside our small house of worship!  Between the smoke and structural damage, our Torah Center membership desires to start new and build from scratch.  Please help us turn this curse into a blessing by enabling us to rebuild. Make a strong statement against hatred by helping build a bigger and better Torah Center that reflects the values of Torah learning, Worship, and Loving Kindness!

Rabbi Stuart Rosen e-mail: stuart.rosen@24stex.com.

  • Kenesset Israel Torah Center
    C/O KITC Redevelopment Fund
    1024 Morse Avenue Sacramento, CA 95864 USA
  • Kenesset Israel Torah Center
    C/O KITC Redevelopment Fund
    P.O. Box 255503 Sacramento, CA 95865-5503 USA

Please consider forwarding this link: http://www.hagalil.com/judentum/feiertage/av/synagogue.htm to the furthest reaches of cyberspace. Thank you for your support.

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