Kal vaChomer: Spiel und Spielchen

Vom Kleinen zum Großen. Schon bei einem „friedenstiftenden Freundschaftsspiel“ wird deutlich, wie groß die Schwierigkeiten sein können…

A Film by Ram Loevy – Ibtisam Mara’ana, Duki Dror , Yoav Shamir (Israel, 2010, 59 Minutes, Color, Multiple languages, English subtitles)

How is it that political negotiations between Israel and its neighbors often end up so miserably? Underneath the known political controversies, other reasons hide. Sports events, which combine good intentions with the striving to win, may hint at factors which often make Mid-East peace talks so futile.
Tel Aviv University, with the help of an American non-profit organization, hosted its third International Basketball Friendship Games. Teams from Palestine and Jordan joined hundreds of students from 14 countries who were invited to participate in the tournament and tour Israel. The goal was to encourage bonds of peace.

Ram Loevy is an Israel Prize winner (1993), the highest prize the State of Israel offers for life-time achievements in science and humanities. Ram is also a Prof. Emeritus from Tel Aviv University — Faculty of The Arts.