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Petition to High Court: State Confirms Outpost to be Authorized as a New Settlement

In 2001 the outpost of Derech Ha’avot was established upon the lands of the Palestinian village Alkhadr, near Bethlehem. Today there are 35 families living in the outpost with some 180 settlers…

On September 28, 2008 Peace Now appealed to the Israeli High Court of Justice together with the Palestinian owners of the lands, demanding the enforcement of the law and the evacuation of the „Derech Ha’avot“ outpost (Bethlehem area). As part of these hearings over this petition the State today (April 25, 2010) sent an update to the High Court of Justice, confirming that the Illegal outpost of „Derech Ha’avot“ near Bethlehem would be authorized, as follows:
„It was decided to launch a survey process to determine weather the lands of „Derech Ha’avot“ are State Lands … If the process should reveal that the buildings – all or part of them – are on State Land, then their authorization will be considered. Buildings that will be found built on Private Lands – their demolition orders will be executed, according to the priorities“.

The meaning of this declaration

In summary since Peace Now discovered the phenomena of the outposts in the early 1990’s we have been warning that their sole purpose is to evolve into full fledge settlements.
Several Israeli governments have consistently denied this and have tried to portray the outposts as being established without government approval, intention or support.
The Peace Now petition has created a situation where the government had to choose between evacuating these outposts, or to admitting what they have been publicly denying for years – their intention that these outposts become new settlements, With today’s statement the government will have to face the political and international consequences for establishing the first new settlement since the Oslo Accords.

Peace Now