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Austria’s Far Right Blames the Jews… Again

A few months ago, I reported on how the Austrian parliament elected a vice-president, Martin Graf, who remains a life-long member of the extreme right Olympia fraternity (Burschenschaft)…

by Karl Pfeifer, z Word Blog

On April 15, Graf launched a book by the extreme rightwing Member of the European Parliament Andreas Mölzer (FPÖ) in the Austrian parliament. At this presentation Walter Marinovic – a retired teacher – gave a lecture entitled “Arminius liberated in 09 Germania from the Romans – from whom do we liberate ourselves 2000 years later?”

Marinovic has maintained contacts with Austrian and German neo-Nazis. In its 2003 Annual Report, the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution observed that “Austrian revisionist Dr. Walter Marinovic” was the guest speaker at the “First Free Convention” put on by the Deutsche Stimme-Verlag publishing house – an imprint of the extreme right NPD – held near Leipzig on 30-31 May. The report also pointed out that Marinovic writes for the National-Zeitung/Deutsche Wochen-Zeitung.

During the launch of Mölzer’s book, the Green MP Harald Walser protested by wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “The name of your shame is Martin Graf” ( “Eure Schande heißt Martin Graf”.)

Antisemitism is a consistent feature of Zur Zeit, the weekly edited by Mölzer. In its issue of April 17, the ardent hunter and revisionist amateur historian Heinz Thomann – who, for years, has tried in vain to debunk what he calls “the historical lie of the exclusive responsibility of Germany” – attacked Ariel Muzicant, the president of the Austrian Jewish Community for his criticisms of the extreme right wing functionaries of the FPÖ. That the knee-jerk defense against criticism of antisemitic positions is itself antisemitic is underlined by his article “Muzicant and Antisemitism”.

Thoman alleges that Muzicant, an Austrian citizen, “interferes” in “Austrian domestic policy” and has a “one-sided worldview”.

The “Tel-Aviv immigrant” Muzicant (actually, he was born in Haifa in 1952 and has lived in Austria since he was four years old) tries “to push our country into the right wing corner and to defame it as a Nazi stronghold” because he draws attention to the rising antisemitism and the extreme right wing background of many members of the FPÖ. As is usual in this milieu, Thomann makes Jews responsible for fanatical anti-Jewish hatred. The reasons for this reside “in those crimes of which the Zionist state Israel has committed against the civilian population in the Gaza Strip”. Israel tries “to annihilate finally, in the sense of the Old Testament, the remains of this hopeless, repressed and succumbed Palestinian people in the open air concentration camp called the Gaza Strip.”

Thomann sees “extermination mania in the spirit of Talmud” working. In the face of this, “the Zionist Muzicant” remains silent.

Thomann also trades in the old antisemitic canard that Jews exercise too much economic power internationally. He states that he is an agreement with “the nearly 50 per cent of the population” who believe that the global economic crisis is the fault of the Jews.

Thomann’s article alleges that “large scale carpetbaggers and swindlers like Alan Greenspan, George Soros or Bernard Madoff are all Jews, and this certainly another reason for the rise in antisemitism worldwide.” All this in the paper for which Andreas Mölzer, who sits in the European Parliament, is responsible.