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Weltpremiere in Tel Aviv: The Jewish Monkeys

Hello, it's me, Jossi Reich (III.), your favorite Oleh Chadash from Germany. Am 6. Dez. 2006, You are invited...

"Finally on Stage, the Final Solution, the Jewish Monkeys!!" That´s how I wanted to announce our world premiere show, but the other Jewish Monkeys didn´t want me to.

So come, enjoy, bring foul eggs and foul tomatoes, and let´s have a nice evening in these bad times. For further info see below...

weitere Information und Anmeldung...

Jewish Monkeys perform Johnny Is A Goi For me with Boom Pam ...

Comments welcome (see below)...

Remeber? israeli-art.com/film/boompam

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Posted 12/02/06 by: admin

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Who is Johnny? Do you know this guy from Columbus, Ohio?
12/04/06 11:24:59

12/07/06 15:26:53

Hi Jossi,
you're still the BEST. Die Lydi- die Ex von der "Lippe"...
12/27/06 21:16:36

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