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Karl Pfeifer hat diesen Artikel aus der ungarisch-jüdischen Website SZOMBAT ins Englische übersetzt. Wir veröffentlichen ihn, um darauf hinzuweisen, dass die Zivilgesellschaft mit Hilfe der Polizei die ungarischen Nazi stoppen konnte...

by János Gadó, April 2008
Translated from Hungarian and edited by Karl Pfeifer

On April 7 we defended the Újlipótváros, a centre of Budapest Jewry. At the corner of Hollán Ernő street, we stopped the fellows with black uniforms. Fighting their fear and the mentality “it is better not do anything” antifascists, Budapest Jews, liberals, leftist and some conservative supporters have organised themselves and waited for the extremists planning to “buy tickets”

A woman known in the circles of the extreme right had a discussion with the employees of a ticket office in Hollán Ernö street.. She pretended to have been insulted on the websites of the extreme right and they were glad to use this pretext: “Hungarians are not served in this shop!” was their cry of alarm and after one week of incitement somebody threw a Molotov cocktail on this office. Because the proprietors of this “did not learn even from this”, Tomcat Aka Tamás Polgár, the ill-reputed blogger rounded up his followers and asked them to go to the office in skinhead uniforms to “buy tickets”

They are full of energy. Since 2006 the right is dominating the streets in Budapest. It is therefore logical for them, to think that they are going to show in Újlipótváros that the streets are theirs. Until now only at nights of the national celebrations “revolutionary acts” were perpetrated in the city centre. The time has come, that such actions can be perpetrated also at daytime and exactly here. Because they exclude the Hungarians! Meaning because relative many Jews live here.

The message to provoke an act of intimidation became known. Seen the danger, private persons who judged this act as not tolerable have organised themselves. A lot of e-mails were sent out and Jewish Websites offered a forum. Many decent people learned this way what was planned.

György Szabó, the conservative FIDESZ representative of the XIII district in the city council informed the authorities and the city that a demonstration will take place and Mr. Szabó was present to keep contact with the authorities with others persons. Also representatives of other parties were present to defend their district.

The assembled 30 skinheads were received by 400 counterdemonstrators or “ticket buyers”. The skinheads marching towards the ticket office were stopped by the police, their identity documents checked and requested to leave. “Nazis go home!” shouted the demonstrators, to which the skinheads replied “We are at home”. The demonstrators were glad to have the police on the spot.

Tomcat declared that he could not buy tickets because he is Hungarian and that he is to complain because of his democratic rights were not respected. After ten minutes of loud discussion the skinheads left, and the defenders applauded.

Tomcat returned with some of his followers and made pictures from the 5th floor of a building. When the skinheads returned the police pushed them back. The skinheads were offended, that the police is defending the people with “curly hair”.

Let us stop for a moment at the T-Shirt with Hitler’s picture. What can you expect from a fellow (and his friends) who strolls with such a T-Shirt into the Újlipótváros?

The Hungarian Media and Websites were at the ticket office in order to listen to two different versions, believing that so the truth will come out. Probably it was a misunderstanding. Probably one can solve the conflict. Probably the Jewish-nazi relation is tense because of a misunderstanding.

„Is it not possible, that you go to him and speak to him” asked the reporter of the weekly HVG and indicated Tomcat one of the organisers of this demonstration the journalist Péter Rózsa. He refused.

So HVG asked Tomcat: If Tomcat would be chief of government in Hungary, how would this country look?
Tomcat: It would be ruins, full of Jewish corpses and babies who were thrown to the walls. The black clad death brigades would be run through with a spear.
HVG: This is irony, I have asked seriously.
Tomcat: No, this is not irony, this is exactly what I want to do and I long for it.

The nazis will demonstrate again on Friday afternoon in Budapest

Source: http://www.szombat.org

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rage wrote:
Auf hvg.hu können die zu diesem Vorfall vom 7. April 2008 eingestellten Videos betrachtet werden:


Im ersten Video werden die Beteiligten des Konzertkartenverkauf-Streites befragt: Nazi Tomcat und der Ladenbesitzer.

Am Ende des zweiten Videos ist der völkermörderische und die ungarischen Juden zu vernichten drohende Ausspruch Tomcats zu hören.

Das dritte Video zeigt den Ablauf des Geschehens.

In der Gruppe der Verteidiger befanden sich u.a.:

György Szabó, Abgeordneter der FIDESZ (Bund Junger Demokraten) des 13. Bezirks (der Újlipótváros, eine Hochburg der Budapester Juden, zum Zentrum hat)
Eszter Babarczy - Politikwissenschaftlerin (Ideengeschichte)
Péter Gerendás - Musiker
Péter Rózsa - Filmemacher, Journalist (TV) Katalin Kelemen - Rabbinerin
Sándor Radnóti - Literaturhistoriker
Gábor T. Szántó - Schriftsteller
Krisztián Ungváry - Historiker
Tamás Verő - Rabbiner

Ihnen und den anderen rund 400 Verteidigern gilt mein Dank und meine Hochachtung für ihre Tatkraft gegen den Antisemitismus und wider die Gewalttätigkeit der ungarischen Nazis. Dieser Widerstand überschreitet die Grenzen sowohl des bürgerlichen Verwaltungsrechts als auch den der virtuellen Auseinandersetzungen im Internet.

04/12/08 12:19:01

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