Guess Which One Receives
a War Victims Pension
from the German Government.

Survivor of a Nazi Ghetto in Eastern Europe
Photo credit: Stewart Ain
Veteran of the Latvian Legionnaires and the Waffen-SS
Wayne Sorce / Life Magazine

If you guessed the survivor, you're wrong, sad to say. While Holocaust survivors in other parts of the world are eligible to receive German pensions, Holocaust survivors in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union have never received a pension of any kind from Bonn. Inexplicably, the German government has simply drawn the line at providing such direct assistance to this group of survivors.

Not so, however, for many of the survivors' former tormentors. Believe it or not, the German government provides generous monthly pensions to Nazi war veterans, whose injuries or even mild, chronic ailments qualify them for "war victims pensions."

In the U.S. alone, there are 3,377 pensions sent each month to veterans of the armies of the Third Reich or their dependents!

After the fall of communism, many Waffen-SS veterans in the Baltic states and elsewhere in Eastern Europe discovered they, too, were eligible and are now receiving such pensions from Germany, while their victims are not.

Today, an estimated 15,000-20,000 Jewish survivors of ghettos and concentration camps live in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. They are old, many are in poor health and financially destitute. Surely, they deserve some help and comfort in the last years of their lives.

Join our call to the German government to correct this grievous wrong. Bring justice to the real victims of the Holocaust. Contact us to see how you can help.

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