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Visions of the Inferno


The Way of Burden
Original report by Adolf Frankl

On September 28th 1944, in the night of Yom Kippur, the long fasting day, we scared up. We heard steps of nailed boots and then immediately the rifle butts banging against the door of our apartment. My wife cried out: "They are coming! They are coming!" I rushed to the door and saw a few Slovakian fascist guards and soldiers in German uniforms with guns in their hands. They ordered us to take our children and follow them without any luggage because, as they said: "you are coming back soon". In the haste I grabbed a piece of salami and a pack of cigarettes from the kitchen table. The children were already asleep. We were not allowed to dress them, so they came along us in their pyjamas and coats. We were led through the nightly Pressburg into the centre of the Jewish community.

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