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Concerning Mrs. G.N., born 13. November 1914

Maiden Name: Emma I.
Born in Hannover Germany.

Mrs N. is a retired Pharmacist (Graduate Berlin 1955), suffering from emphysema and asthma. She is penniless and receives no pension whatsoever.

She is Jewish and grew up in Berlin where her mother was a Chemist. In 1936 she married to a Dutchman named H.V.. In 1942 she was interned in Internierungslager Oranienburg. This with the help of her own husband! She was interned for 3 months and managed to escape with the help of friends.

In 1950 she divorced her husband and took up the study of Pharmacy in Berlin. In 1955 she graduated. In 1965 she lost contact to her daughter. Mrs N. is at present still suffering from the effects of a KZ sindrome. Her daughter´s name is G.V. born 4-4-1939.

Mrs N. does not want to be a burden to anybody, neither family nor organisations. However she now is very old , ill and penniless. She has no pension or possesions of any kind.

My Questions:

  1. Does anybody know where her daughter lives today?
  2. Can she apply for a pension as a second world war and holocaust victim?
  3. Is there any organisation willing to provide her with a minimal allowance and coverage for basic medical costs?

Who am I:

I am her Family Doctor since 1989. Currently I am treating her for her illness.
My Name is Dr. H. E. L.
M.D., Surgeon in Moraira, Alicante Spain.

Please can anybody help this pleasant and helpless lady.

1997, Moraira, Spain


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