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Sacred Lies

Uri Avnery
translated from Ma'ariv 22/Nov/98

Like two well-trained ballet dancing partners who no longer need to practice together, the enemies of peace from both sides jumped into action.  Each knew exactly what to do.

On the morning after the signing of the Wye Accords, Moslem extremists carried out an attack. Jewish settlers immediately responded with an act of "revenge."  The Moslems demanded that the implementation of the Accords be stopped immediately.  The Jews demanded that the implementation of the Accords be stopped immediately.  And so on and so forth, for the umpteenth time.

Since Judaism and Islam have a lot in common, the actions of each religion's extremist side are quite similar.  The same beliefs, the same goals, the same methods.  And the same mendacity.

It is permitted to lie for the sacred goal. In fact, it is a requirement. As the Bible commands: Thou shalt wage war with deceit.

Chanukah beginnt am 13.12.98!On the Jewish side, the deceit revolves entirely around the concept of "security."  The leaders of the messianic "Black Revolution" know perfectly well that the public is not about to mobilize for the insane cause of settlements in the heart of Palestinian territory. Only few are prepared to die for the cause of "Greater Israel." Slogans such as "Not an inch" and "Liberated territory will not be relinquished" evoke nowadays only a derisive chuckle.

Every Israeli wants "security."  Jewish history, the holocaust, a century of struggle on the land -- all of these have created a hunger for absolute, total security, unlike anywhere else in the world.  In the name of such security, any abomination can be justified, the most revolting thing can be made pure, and any intention can be disguised.

Which is why the settlers no longer speak of the bells of salvation, of the days of Messiah, of the cleansing of the land of the "Ishmaelites" (see Sefi Rakhlevsky's book "The Messiah's Donkey").  The seeds of insanity have found their way to Hebron and a dozen other sites, all in the name of security.  Now these places have to be defended in the name of security.  The return of one percent of the West Bank endangers their concept of security.  Peace itself is a terrible danger to security.

This is, of course, a completely false claim.  In truth, security is an entirely inconsequential matter to these settlers and their admirers. They are prepared to risk their children's lives every day in order to reach their goal.  In their view, the secularists are the Seed of Amalek, and their deaths are insignificant.  But they have succeeded so well with this brainwashing about security that all the Israeli media have bought it, repeating this lie every day.  For the sake of security, Netanyahu is prepared to put an end to the peace process and lead the country into a new century of regional nuclear-chemical-biological warfare.

All that it would take to burst this bubble of deceit would be the answer to one simple question: If the problem of security were to be absolutely solved, would the fanatics be willing then to turn over the entire West Bank and the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians?  To dismantle the settlements?  To reach compromise on the matter of Jerusalem?  The answer is, of course, an absolute "NO."  End of the lie.

For the Palestinian extremists, the big lie is now called "human rights."  Anyone who wants to bury the peace process talks of "human rights."  Left-wingers, who not too long ago worshipped Stalin and justified the slaughter of millions, now have taken up the cause of human rights in Ramallah.  Religious fanatics, whose entire aim is to establish in Palestine a government like that of the Taliban in Afghanistan, or at the very least like that of Homeini in Iran, speak all day long about "human rights" which are being trampled by the abominable Palestinian Authority.

Public polls indicate that the vast majority of the Palestinian population wants peace.  It cannot be swayed by the vision of a fundamentalist regime that imprisons its women at home and which abdicates all of its power in favor of an extreme religious faction.  That public no longer believes in the religious decree that turns all of Palestine into an islamic "Wakf" (islamic property) which would prohibit Palestinians from relinquishing a square inch to the Jews.  Palestinians yearn for peace and quiet, and they believe that Arafat can deliver it.

Which is why the extremists do not speak of their true goals, except when among themselves, in their homes and in their mosques.  Outside, they speak of human rights.  The evil Arafat persecutes those innocent faithful who have done no wrong.  He violates human rights.

The Internet is full of their noise.  Their words are disseminated all over the world, courtesy of the Israeli media.

However, here, too, one can ask just one simple question:  Were Arafat to sanctify every single human right, and if the Palestinian police were to behave like its Swiss counterparts -- would then the religious extremists cease their war against the Palestinian Authority and the peace process?

The Moslem extremists play dumb: They are not trying to undermine Arafat at all, they say, nor to fight the elected Palestinian government.  God forbid they should raise their hand against their Palestinian brothers.  All they want is to carry out bloody acts against the Israelis.  So why is Arafat so hostile to them?

This is a very sophisticated lie.  The Palestinian Authority, like any elected government, is expected to run state affairs.  To that end, it must have control over all of the armed forces.  It can not allow splinter armed factions to wage their private wars, because this would prevent any chance of setting a national strategic course, to conduct state affairs and sign agreements.  Those who plant a bomb in the Mahane Yehuda marketplace of West Jerusalem intend to destroy the agreement signed by Arafat, and in this manner, destroy the elected government of the Palestinian Authority.  It is a direct assault on Palestinian democracy.   But talk of human rights is intended to deceive the Palestinian public.

It is all very simple:  The Israelis deserve security.  Naturally.  The Palestinians deserve human rights.  Naturally.  But the Israelis will not achieve security through the settlers, just as the Palestinians will not achieve their human rights from Hamas and Jihad.  Both will lead to disaster, bloodshed and mutual hatred.  And in order to fight the extremists of both sides, one must first rip off their masks.

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Heilige Lgen:

Uri Avnery, Maariv, 22.11.98


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1998 Uri Avnery at haGalil onLine

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