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German P.E.N. Center protests the cancellation of support given to the german speaking internet magazine haGalil

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Foto Johano Strasser - Präsident P.E.N.-DeutschlandOn occassion of its annual assembly the German P.E.N. Center protests the cancellation of support given to the german speaking internet magazine haGalil. The association of writers requests the state-office responsible for actions to counter nazism, antisemitism and hate speech (federal ministry for family, seniors, women and youth) to immediately revoke its refusal to support this important educational tool on judaism and jewish life in german language.

The German P.E.N. Center is part of the international association of writers organized. Founded in England in the early 1920s as a literary circle of friends, P.E.N. has spread to many countries around the globe and has long established itself as a voice speaking out for persecuted and suppressed writers and as a defender of the right to freedom of speech.The Charter of International P.E.N. is based on resolutions adopted at international congresses. Though its wording may have taken on a little patina, in substance, it has lost none of its timeliness.
Membership in the organization is restricted to those representatives of the profession who, on the basis of outstanding literary achievement, have been invited to join any of the existing national P.E.N. Centers and who, with their signature to the Charter, attest to the principles of P.E.N. Anyone interested in becoming a friend and sponsor of P.E.N. however, is welcome to do so.
The history of P.E.N. has not remained untouched by the political and social developments of the 20th century. Yet its members have always remembered that, beyond all national and ideological differences, a major task of their club has been and should be to offer a forum for free discussions on questions of literature and culture in general as well as on the chances and challenges inherent in any historical situation.
P.E.N. is independent of party politics and ideological camps and transcends the political trends of the day. And yet, in a more general meaning of the term, it is far from unpolitical, in as much as its binding principles do have political implications as well.

The P.E.N. Centre Germany is going to host the International P.E.N. World Congress in Berlin from the 20th to the 28th May 2006. Writers from all over the world are being invited and will be coming to the German capital on this occasion. The overarching topic at the Congress is to address the role of literature in a world without peace. Three major evening events are planned including a Long Night of Literature with renowned authors. A further event is dedicated to African literature.

P.E.N. Centre Germany looks forward to welcoming around 400 guests in Berlin. Preparations regarding technical issues and contents have already made considerable progress.

German PEN Writers in Exile: During the 1930s and 40s thousands of intellectuals, writers and journalists opposed to or targeted by the Nazi regime, had to flee their native lands coming under the rule of the National Socialists and to seek refuge in foreign countries. With the help of International PEN, a number of national PEN Centers and numerous individuals worldwide, the German PEN Center in Exile, London, founded in 1934, was able to assist hundreds of them to escape and settle elsewhere.

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Weiterer Appell an das zuständige Bundesministerium (BMFSFJ:
P.E.N.-Zentrum Deutschland fordert die Unterstützung von haGalil umgehend wieder aufzunehmen

Auf seiner diesjährigen Mitgliedervollversammlung hat das P.E.N.-Zentrum Deutschland auf Antrag des Präsidiums folgende Resolution einstimmig, bei einer Enthaltung, angenommen: "Das P.E.N.-Zentrum Deutschland protestiert gegen die Streichung der Fördermittel für das Internetmagazin haGalil und fordert das zuständige Ministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend auf, die Förderung dieses wichtigen Informationsdienstes über jüdisches Leben in Deutschland umgehend wieder aufzunehmen".


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