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On Sunday, a Demonstration took place outside the WIZO Bazaar held at the Community Centre in Fasanenstrasse.

Protesters reported: 
In shifts, members of a Committee distributed around 900 12-page leaflets to those entering the compound; these booklets called for an end to Censorship within the community newsletter "Jewish Berlin", and a letter inside was signed by 13 members of this committee, including Gabbayim and former Gabbayim and long-standing members of four synagogues - Pestalozzistrasse, Oranienburger Strasse, Fraenkelufer and Rykestrasse.

Letters printed inside were selected from those that had been
banned from publication in the newsletter, and included letters on behalf of three synagogue committees as well as from several individual members and others. On the rear cover was a draft form-letter to the 'Representanz' pointing out that they were elected on a platform of "transparency and democracy", whereas this move to prevent letters being published on such an issue demonstrates the reverse.

Demonstrations of this sort may be common in some countries but are (still) very rare in Germany, and this one indicates the depth of feeling aroused amongst several sections of the community at the realisation that they are being totally and deliberately excluded from significant decision-making processes. It almost does not matter what the actual subject-matter is - what matters is that they feel disenfranchised and are concerned that democratic structures within the community are being eroded.

I was not a part of this committee, did not ask for it, did not call it into existence, have not supported it materially in any way, but I am nevertheless personally gratified that certain members have the courage of their convictions and are prepared to take formal, peaceful action rather than just grumble privately. 

This is a sign of healthy and adult debate. Representatives of Press and Media were present; the demonstration will continue tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. A Police permit had been obtained, and the community's Security Coordinator informed.

Readers were also invited to attend the next Repraesentanz meeting on 12th April and register their protest there.

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haGalil onLine 02-04-2000


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